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51109 ( Universitetsveien 51, Kristiansand )

Subject coordinator for English in teacher education.

Member of:

  • ISLE – The International Society for the Linguistics of English
  • LCA – Learner Corpus Association

Courses and teaching

Current courses:

English language and didactics 1 (Teacher training 1-7, 5-10)

English language and learning (Teacher training masters' program, 5-10)

Varied teaching- and learning methods in the English Classroom (GLU master, 5-10)

Theory and Methods for the Researching Teacher, English (GLU master, 5-10)

Past courses:

English grammar (Translation and intercultural communication)

Introduction to English grammar (BA in English)

Aspects of English morphology (BA in English)

Academic interests

  • language acquisition
  • language learning
  • multilingualism
  • code-switching and code-mixing
  • game-based learning


GAME project: 

Games and Active learning Methods in Education

Erasmus+ financed project in cooperation with Philipps University in Marburg, Germany and Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Development and use of games which promote 21st-century skills and subject-specific skills for new students (onboarding).

TRAWL project:

Tracking Written Learner Language: Development of L2 writing in the Norwegian school system

Learning games as tools in education

Development and use of learning games as learning and assessment tools in education

PhD project:


An investigation of agreement errors in high school students’ texts: Causes and remedies

    Scientific publications

    • Garshol, Lenka; Føreland, Line Reichelt (2024). Gaming in the English Classroom. Current issues in English Teaching. ISBN: 9788245047189. Fagbokforlaget. s 95 - 114.
    • Garshol, Lenka; Erdmann, Susan Lynn (2024). Reflektert bruk av digitale verktøy. Lærerstudentenes tanker. Lærerrollen i endring. Studentaktive læringsformer og profesjonsfaglig digital kompetanse. ISBN: 9788215064727. Universitetsforlaget.
    • Garshol, Lenka (2019). Input vs. intake in formative assessment and explicit grammar teaching Do the students understand what we are talking about?. Nordic Journal of Modern Language Methodology (NJMLM). ISSN: 1894-2245. 7 (1). s 67 - 83. doi:10.46364/njmlm.v7i1.529.
    • Garshol, Lenka (2019). We agreed to disagree: Agreement in L2 English written by young Norwegian learners. Widening the Scope of Learner Corpus Research Selected Papers from the Fourth Learner Corpus Research Conference. ISBN: 9782875588685. Presses universitaires de Louvain. Section 3. Analysis of learner data of young learners. s 237 - 252.
    • Føreland, Line Reichelt; Garshol, Lenka (2023). Å spille seg til kunnskap om bærekraftig utvikling i språkfag.
    • Klockmann, Heidi Elizabeth; Garshol, Lenka (2023). Agreement errors in Norwegian L1, English L2 pseudopartitives.
    • Garshol, Lenka (2022). Developmental trajectories of subject-verb agreement errors in English written by Norwegian learners.
    • Garshol, Lenka (2022). Learning games as tools for learning and assessment in higher education.
    • Garshol, Lenka (2022). Learning games as tools for learning and assessment in higher education.

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