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Robin André Rolfhamre

Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Classical Music, MMus, PhD

G2007 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
By appointment

Full Academic CV and Full Publications List [click here]

Robin Rolfhamre (Associate Professor of Classical Music, MMus, PhD) is a lutenist, guitarist and researcher born in Sweden in April, 1986. Following his doctoral dissertation The popular lute: An investigation of the function and performance of music in France between 1650 and 1700 (UiA, 2014; supervisors: Prof. Per Kjetil Farstad and Prof. Michael Rauhut) he has continued to study Early Modern music (c. 1400–1700) from an inter-human and social perspective focusing particularly on self-expressive acts, communication (particularly through rhetoric and social psychology) and performance practice. His interdisciplinary ambition is particularly shown through his book Informed play: Approaching a biology and concept of tone production on Early Modern lute instruments (Norway: Cappelen Damm Akademisk/NOASP, 2018).

Dr Rolfhamre has published articles in international, peer-reviewed academic journals and has produced several CD recordings as a performing artist. Between 2016–2018, he was appointed Editor in Chief for Norwegian Journal of Musicology Online (now renamed: Norwegian eJournal of Music Research; Editorial Board Member since 2018), and between 2015–2018, he was Editorial Board Member of Studia Musicologica Norvegica. 

Dr Rolfhamre has received several scholarships and awards, including Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters’ Research Prize for Young Researchers, Vest-Agder County Council’s Artist Scholarship and The Norwegian Arts Council’s Artist Scholarship (Diversestipend). He is an elected member of the Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters.

He is involved in several projects and organisations, such as the REMP: Reconfiguring Early Modern Performance (Organiser), Early Modern and Modern Research Group and the Arts in Context research platform. As practising performer and scholar alike, he has three main focus areas:

  1. ‘Performance practice seen from a pragmatic, non-museal and inter-human perspective focusing on emotional communication’
  2. ‘Improvisation and ornamentation from c. 1000–1700; Extracting pedagogical models for improvisation and ornamentation’
  3. ‘The connection between Early Music and Traditional Folk Music (e.g. musica popolare, musique populaire and Traditional Oriental Music)’

Dr Rolfhamre is also an active conductor and composer. He was previously appointed conductor and musical leader for the Norwegian Flute Ensemble and he has had concerts in multiple European countries with internationally acclaimed artists. 

Dr Rolfhamre is a Pyramid Historical Strings Artist and he plays Lauri Niskanen instruments.


Research interests

  • Musicology
  • Early Modern Studies
  • Music Performance
  • Lute instruments
  • Social Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Communication

Courses and teaching

Course administrative (Master's level):

  • ME406 Musicological Theory and Method
  • MUK401 Scientific and Artistic Practice
  • MUK501 Master’s Thesis with Performance
  • MUK502 Master’s Project with Performance

Course administrative (PhD level):

  • KF163 Music in Context.
  • Shared responsibility for KF602 Arts in Context

Academic responsible:

  • Musicology courses, Master's Degree in Music Performance — Western Classical Music
  • Shared responsibility for Faculty of Fine Arts' PhD programme's Arts in Context-specialisation

Info for my students

General outreach

My research specialises in Early Music, performance practice, self-expressiveness, communication, philosophy and social-psychological perspectives. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary work.

I am approachable. Feel free to contact me for collaborations, contributions, guest-lecturing or any other research activities such as participation in research groups and projects. I will also consider formal and informal requests for supervising postgraduates. I am open to utilising technological solutions such as video-conferencing.

Scientific publications

  • Rolfhamre Robin ‘Caprice de chaconne’ (1671): Symmetry and proportions in Francesco Corbetta's work for Baroque guitar (2018). Early Modern Culture Online . ISSN 1892-0888. 7 doi: 10.15845/emco.v4i1.1513
  • Rolfhamre Robin The language of Early Music performance: A proposition on how to connect words and instrumental music (2017). The Musical Times . ISSN 0027-4666. 158 (1938), s 81 - 92
  • Rolfhamre Robin Embellishing lute music: using the Renaissance Italian passaggi practice as a model and pedagogical tool for an increased improvisation vocabulary in the French Baroque style. (2016). Dansk Musikforskning Online . ISSN 1904-237X. s 219 - 238
  • Rolfhamre Robin Takketale for Agder Vitenskapsakademis forskningspris til yngre forskere (2017). Agder Vitenskapsakademi Årbok . ISSN 0809-7283. s 227 - 229
  • Rolfhamre Robin Dissecting transformation: towards a biology of recorded lute sound (2014). Studia Musicologica Norvegica . ISSN 0332-5024. 40 s 43 - 62
  • Rolfhamre Robin Compact Disc(losure): Some Thoughts on the Synthesis of Recording Technology and Baroque Lute Music Research (2013). Acta Musicologica . ISSN 0001-6241. 85 (2), s 245 - 256
  • Rolfhamre, Robin (2018). Informed Play: Approaching a Concept and Biology of Tone Production on Early Modern Lute Instruments. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. ISBN 978-82-02-59044-4. 227 s.
  • Rolfhamre Robin Musikkforskning og utøving i kontekst: tidligmusikken som sosial praksis (2018).
  • Rolfhamre Robin ME-406, MUK401, MUK501, MUK502 online courses for the Master's programme in Western Classical music (2018).
  • Rolfhamre Robin Gammel musikk, samvær og fremtid (2018).
  • Rolfhamre Robin Informed Play and the Self-Expressive (2018).
  • Rolfhamre Robin SERVICE: Skill, Experience and Relevance in a Varies study environment Implementing Canvas in Education (2018).
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