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This is a research initiative that studies the expressions of Early Modern and Modern Cultures, the initial focus falling on the cultural expressions of Renaissance societies and their lasting and dynamic influence on European culture to date.

Novel and interdisciplinary approaches to Early Modern Europe and Modernity increase our awareness of how urban culture and a new economy were major factors in the creation of the preconditions both for the rise of a critical public sphere and toleration, but also for political and religious conflicts that still haunt us since the rise of colonialism and the centralized State.

EMMRG projects are therefore both synchronic and diachronic as well as interdisciplinary, contextual, and comparative.

Book series

Since 2006, the research group publishes the book series Early Modern and Modern Studies (Fabrizio Serra Editore; Pisa & Roma), comprising monographs, collections of essays and critical editions.    

  1. Ashes to Ashes. Art in Rome between Humanism and Maniera (red Roy Eriksen of Victor Plathe Tschudi, 2006)
  2. Urban Preoccupations, Mental and Material Landscapes (red Per Sivefors, 2007)
  3. Imitation, Representation and Printing in the Italian Renaissance (red Magne Malmanger og Roy Eriksen, 2009)
  4. Serafino Della Salandra: Adamo caduto (red Flavio Giacoantonio, 2009)
  5. The Formation of Genera in Early Modern Culture (red Clare Lapraik Guest, 2009)
  6. John Milton, Il Paradiso perduto (trad Flavio  Giacomantonio, 2009)
  7. Il Paradiso perduto di John Milton e il tema della caduta nella tradizione letteraria da Gimbattista Andreini a Serafino della Salandra (red Flavio Giacomantonio, 2009)
  8. Urban Encounters: Experience and Reprepresentation in the Early Modern City (red Per Sivefors 2013)
  9. Approaches to the text; from Pre-Gospel to Proto-Baroque (red Roy Eriksen og Peter Young, 2014)
  10. Hagiographic Adaptations, red Frid Forsgren og Tor Vegge (forthcoming 2018)
  11. Multiple Mediterranean, red. Brit Lyngstad, Sissel Lie og Geir Uvsløk (forthcoming 2018)
  12. The Mimesis of Change: Conversion and Peripety in Life Stories (red Sissel Lie og Roy Eriksen (forthcoming 2018))

Previous projects and programmes

  • Tolerance and the City (10 international symposia (2004-13 and 6 volumes) – concluded.
  • From Renovation to Reform. Completed. 4 PhDs; 3 essay collections (Kappa Editore, Rome and Novus, Oslo) and 2 monographs (Penn State UP and Mimesis, Milano).
  • Lives (project leader Professor Tor Vegge). EMMS 10 (Eds Vegge and Forsgren; forthcoming)
  • Mediterranean Modernism (EMMS 11 (Eds Lie, Lyngstad and Uvsløkk; forthcoming)

Ongoing projects

  • Cultural Reformations 1 (project leaders Eriksen and O’Neill Tonning)                     
  • The Mimesis of Change Conversion and Peripety in Life Stories (Lives 2; leader Tor Vegge), EMMS 13 (Eds. Eriksen and Lie; forthcoming)

Planned projects

Cultural Reformations 2 (Hymnology: Songs of Worship in Times of Conflict and reform  (project leaders: Eriksen, Rolfhamre, Vegge)

Research collaboration

  • London University (Kingston)
  • University of Verona, University of Cosenza
  • University of Marburg
  • Université de Clermont-Ferrand
  • University of Reading
  • University of Padova
  • Karlstad Universitet

Selected publications

Roy Eriksen


  • The Forme of Faustus Fortunes (Humanities, 1987)
  • The Building in the text (Penn State, 2001etc)
  • L’Edificio testuale appeared in 2014 (Mimesis, Milano).

Edited collections:

  • Pre-Novel Narrative (De Gruyter 1994), 
  • Basilike Eikon; Renaissance representations of the Prince (Kappa: Rome, 2001),
  • Form and the Arts (Rome: Kappa, 2003),
  • Ashes to Ashes (Rome: L’Ateneo, 2006), 
  • Imitation, Representation and Printing (Fabrizio Serra Editore 2009), (with Peter Young)
  • Approaches to the Text: From Proto-Gospel to Post-Baroque (EMMS vol 9).

Charles I. Armstrong


  • Romantic Organicism: From Idealist Origins to Ambivalent Afterlife. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
  • Figures of Memory: Poetry, Space, and the Past. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
  • Reframing Yeats: Genre, Allusion and History. London: Bloomsbury, 2013.

Edited Essay Collections:

  • Co-editor of Postcolonial Dislocations: Travel, History, and the Ironies of Narrative. Oslo: Novus, 2006.
  • Co-editor of Crisis and Contemporary Poetry. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
  • Co-editor of The Crossings of Art in Ireland. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2014.

Oddvar Holmesland


  • Utopian Negotiation: Aphra Behn and Margaret Cavendish (Syracuse University Press, 2013)
  • Form as Compensation for Life: Fictive Patterns in Virginia Woolf’s Novels (Boydell & Brewer/Camden House, 1998)
  • A Critical Introduction to Henry Green’s Novels: The Living Vision (Macmillan, 1986).

Members in the group

Associate members

  • Professor Richard Wilson, London University (Kingston)
  • Professor Anthony Johnson, Åbo Akademi
  • Professor Paul Davies, University of Reading
  • Professor David Herbert, University of London (Kingston)
  • Professor Sonja Fielitz, Universität Marburg
  • Professor Sophie Chiari, Clermont-Ferrand
  • Professor Emeritus François Laroque, Sorbonne la nouvelle
  • Associated Professor Per Sivefors, Linnaeus University
  • Associated Professor Muriel Cunin (Limoges)
  • Associated Professor Anna Swärdh, Karlstad Universitet
  • Professor Erik Tonning (Bergen)
  • First lecturer Christina Sandhaug, INN (Hamar)
  • Associate Professor Svenn-Arve Myklebost (Volda)
  • Dr Allan Folkestad, (International Office, UiA).