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Nils Hallvard Korsvoll

Associate Professor

E2013B ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

I work in history of religion, researching magic and ritual practice in late antiquity. Increasingly, I hope to work on how scholars use and deal with ancient artefacts with and without a known provenance. I teach quite broadly within religious studies, with an emphasis on philology and history of religion, and also in teachers education, where I am involved in religious education at all levels.

Research interests

My research deals with history of religion, theoretical development, religious practices, ritual, popular religion, magic and material culture.

Courses and teaching

In religious studies I teach on holy scripture and reception, as well as some classes on religion and society and on academic writing. In teachers education I teach in religious education for teachers and kindergarten teachers, in topics like Christianity, world religions, religion and society, religious studies and secular worldviews.

Work experience

01/2019 –                Associate Professor, Religious Studies, University of Agder (Norway)

08/2018 – 12/2018   Associate Professor, Religious Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU (Norway)

09/2017 – 07/2018   Assistant Professor, Religious Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU (Norway)

09/2012 – 08/2017   Research Fellow, Religious Studies, MF Norwegian School of Theology (Norway)

10/2011 – 03/2012   Research Fellow, Institute for Pre- and Early History and Near Eastern Archaeology, Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg (Germany) Collaborative Research Centre 933 “Material Text Cultures”        

Academic interests

Member of the networks:

Holy scripture and authoritative texts (UiA)

NTNU RE Research Group (NTNU)

The Nordic Network for the Study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the First Millennium (Nordic PhD-network)

Dembra LU (Norwegian network for working with democracy and against racism and discrimination in education)


Healing, belief and placebo: Medical and religious plurality in late antiquity, with Ágnes T. Mihálykó (UiO/University of Vienna) and Hedvig von Ehrenheim (Uppsala University). Project to bring together research on ancient medicine, magic and healing, through using placebo-research. Informal network, started with a workshop in 2018

General outreach

20.07.2018    "Seeing the forest but missing the trees.” Marginalia Review of Books 

12.01.2018    “Doktoren svarer: Magiske skåler på Menighetsfakultetet.” Morgenbladet (2): 21.

04.08.2017    “Forlik og ulovlege oldtidssaker.” Dag og Tid

05/2016         “Ikonoklasme – kamp om historia.” Syn og Segn 122(2): 48-56. 

Scientific publications

  • Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard (2019). Jesus of Nazareth Revisited: Markham J. Geller’s Apotropaic Jesus Forty Years Later. Journal of the Jesus Movement in Its Jewish Setting. ISSN: 2374-7862. (6). s 88 - 109.
  • Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard (2018). Bible Bible everywhere? Reviewing the distribution of biblical quotes in ancient amulets. Biblische Notizen Neue Folge. ISSN: 0178-2967. (176). s 89 - 110.
  • Korsvoll, Nils H. (2018). Official Teaching and Popular Practice: Are Church Opinions on Magic Reflected in the Surviving Amulets from the Early Middle Ages?. Bild und Schrift auf 'magischen' Artefakten. ISBN: 978-3-11-060162-6. De Gruyter Open. Artikkel. s 149 - 163.
  • Sanzo, Joseph E.; Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard (2017). A New Testament Text on a Syriac Incantation Bowl: Eph. 6:10-17 on IBC 3. Vigiliae christianae (Print). ISSN: 0042-6032. 71 (4). s 417 - 432. doi:10.1163/15700720-12341310.
  • Korsvoll, Nils H. (2017). Same, Same, But Different? A Cognitive Analysis of an Early Christian Apotropaic Amulet. Journal of Cognitive Historiography. ISSN: 2051-9672. 4 (1). s 79 - 99. doi:10.1558/jch.29772.
  • Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard; Lied, Liv Ingeborg; Lund, Jerome Alan (2016). British Library Additional 14,686: Introduction, List of Readings, and Translations of Colophon and Notes. Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies. ISSN: 1097-3702. 19 (2). s 385 - 402.
  • Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard (2014). The Thing in the Practice : Ritual Artefacts as Material Anchors in Conceptual Blends. Praxeologie : Beiträge zur interdisziplinären Reichweite praxistheoretischer Ansätze in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften. ISBN: 978-3-11-037014-0. Walter de Gruyter. Kapittel. s 199 - 218.
  • Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard (2012). Nattverd utan innstiftingsorda?. Teologisk Tidsskrift. ISSN: 1893-0263. 1 (3). s 249 - 267.
  • Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard (2019). Seek and You Shall Find: How and Why Scholars Engage with Biblical References in Ancient Amulets.
  • Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard (2019). Liturgy in ancient amulets – a part of the conversation.
  • Korsvoll, Nils Hallvard (2019). Lækjande omstende: Kan placebo-forsking hjelpe oss å forstå læking i tidleg-moderne, syriske kloster.
  • Korsvoll, Nils H. (2018). Doktoren svarer: Magiske skåler på Menighetsfakultetet.
  • Korsvoll, Nils H. (2018). Challenge Philology - Or How Provenance Can Be a Casualty in Classical Philology.
  • Korsvoll, Nils H. (2018). The placebo effect and approaches to belief and healing.
  • Korsvoll, Nils H. (2018). Magical Papyri.

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