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Enrique Blanco Gonzalez


J1011 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )


Ph.D. Bioresource Science (Fish Genetics). Hiroshima University, Japan. 2009

M.Sc. Bioresource Science & Technology (Fish Genetics). Hiroshima University, Japan. 2006

D.E.A. Zoology (equivalent to M.Sc., Zoology). University of Cadiz, Spain. 2004

B.Sc. Marine Science.University of Cadiz, Spain. 2000

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Blanco Gonzalez, Enrique (2019). Biological Control of Sea Lice Infestation in the Norwegian Salmon Aquaculture: Are Cleaner Fish a Solution?. Journal of Integrated Field Science. ISSN: 2434-4761. 16s 2 - 3.
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  • Blanco Gonzalez, Enrique; Præbel, Kim; Wangensteen Fuentes, Owen Simon (2019). Unfolding the secrets of environmental DNA as the next generation survey tool.
  • Blanco Gonzalez, Enrique (2019). Survival of the fittest, adaptive response of cleaner fish and the implications for sea lice eating performance.
  • Blanco Gonzalez, Enrique (2019). Current challenges in the Norwegian salmon aquaculture: are cleaner fish a solution?.
  • Blanco Gonzalez, Enrique; Pontecorvo, Emily (2018). On Fish Farms, Peppermint Shrimp Clean Up Nicely.

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