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Kenneth Andresen


38 14 22 74
996 95 042
D4021 ( Gimlemoen 25, Kristiansand )
Department of Nordic and Media Studies


Horizon2020 project RePAST (2018-2021). Project leader for University of Agder in this international research project dealing with Europe's troubled past. 

Member of the Worlds of Journalism Study )

Research group "Journalism and New Visualities" at Department of Nordic and Media Studies, University of Agder.

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PhD in Media Studies and Journalism from University of Oslo (2015). PhD Dissertation: Journalism under pressure. The case of Kosovo.

M.A. in Communication from Wheaton College Graduate School (1994), Wheaton, IL, USA.

Areas of work: Journalism, Media Studies, Production studies in media and journalism, Balkan, Kosovo, International media support, Global journalism.

Academic interests


Media Production

Media Studies


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