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Gøril Hannås


Viserektor for samfunnskontakt og nyskaping

A6006 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )


Gøril Hannås is Vice Rector for external relations and innovation at UiA. She is member of the university management team and reports to rector of UiA. In her current role, Hannås is responsible for  leading UiAs strategic priorities on community engagement and cooperation with external relations, as well as developing strategic priorities for increased innovation initiatives at UiA. 

She is associate professor in Supply Chain Management and has previously served as Head of Department of Working Life a the School of Business and Law, UiA, where she also was Head of the master’s program in Industrial Economics and Technology Management, which fosters a close collaboration between business studies and technology.

Hannås obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Pepperdine University (USA). She holds an MBA specializing in strategy and management from BI Norwegian Business School, as well as a PhD in Logistics from Molde University College (Norway).

Hannås has pursued a career in both industry and academia. She has worked extensively with purchasing and supply chain management in both private and public sectors, with experience from senior level positions.

In combination with her executive and academic career, Hannås has served as director of several boards for enterprises within energy, ICT and logistics industries, including the Board of Directors and Audit Committee for Norway Post, to which the Minister of Transportation appointed her. She currently serves as chairman of the board for Mechatronics Innovation Lab AS (MIL), deputy chairman of the board for Varodd Industrier, and as non-executive board member for Spareskillingbanken. Hannås is an experienced conference speaker on topics within SCM and risk management on national and international business arenas.

Academic interests:

Hannås’ research interests revolve around supply chain management (SCM) in the project-based industries, such as modularization, industrial purchasing, contract management and new business models for circular economy.

Her current research includes SCM in project based industries, specifically attending to industrialization of project execution models within road construction. She has also lead the university effort in onboarding the NFR funded research project "Batman" (BATtery MANagement) - a research project on circular economy for lithium batteries,  in collaboartion with industry and academic partners.

Hannås teaches courses in Supply Chain Management, Contract Management and Industrial Purchasing at both graduate and executive MBA level.



Contract Management in industrial value chains, MSc Industrial economics and technology management, UiA

Supply Chain Management, MSc Business Administration, UiA
Industrial Buying Behavior, BSc Business Administration, UiA
Marketing Management, BSc Business Administration, UiA

Executive master program:

2019-2021 Contract Management, Executive program in Lean and continuous improvement for the Norwegian Defense Material Agency, Oslo


Project Management, Executive MBA
Supply Chain Management for NCE NODE Cluster, Executive MBA
Industrial Supply Management; Executive MBA

Faglige interesser

Contract Management
Industrial Purchasing
Supply Chain Management
Circular economy
Risk Management


  • MEERC: improving project execution models in the construction industry. Research project funded by Nye Veier AS and Norwegian Research Council
  • NEWMAT: a pre-study on the opportunities for new value creation in the minerals processing industry based on global circular material streams (together with the Eyde cluster and NTNU)
  • TOANDFROMGATE: analysing transportation modalities to and from gate in Eyde cluster companies for improved logistics and sustainability purposes 
  • ENTERS: Member of the UiA research group within circular economy 
  • Member of UiA research group within Project Management

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

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  • Hellström, Magnus Mikael; Hannås, Gøril; Frislie, Grethe (2018). Building a cooperative culture throughout the construction supply chain.


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