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Dag Håkon Andre Åsmundhavn Haneberg


Dag Håkon Haneberg is Associate Professor in entrepreneurship at the University of Agder (UiA) in a 20% position and full-time Associate Professor in entrepreneurship at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of industrial economics and technology management (IØT), in Trondheim. He holds a PhD degree in industrial economics and technology management one MSc. degree from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and another MSc. degree (‘sivilingeniør’) in nanotechnology from NTNU.

Dag Håkon has focused both his research and teaching on development of entrepreneurship education. At UiA, he has been part of a work group investigating opportunities for restructuring of study programs in innovation and entrepreneurship. At NTNU, he is deputy head of department for pedagogic development and quality work. He is also leading the SUPER project for student active learning through wicked problems, having a managing role in the ENHANCE (Erasmus+), ENHANCERIA (Horizon 2020) projects. He has also been part of initiating and managing the SFU Engage center for excellence in education.

Dag Håkon is currently supervising five PhD candidates and each academic year about four to five groups of MSc. students. For 2021, he won a price for “lecturer of the year” at IØT, and for “supervisor of the year” in 2022. Dag Håkon has five years of prior experience as an entrepreneur and CTO in Morpho Solar AS which worked with a solar energy solution. He has also coached more than 30 entrepreneurship teams through Spark* NTNU. 


ORG469 – Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Concept Development

Faglige interesser

Managment of uncertainty and ambiguity; sustainability; entrepreneurship education teaching and learning; entrepreneurial learning

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Wigger, Karin Andrea; Aaboen, Lise; Haneberg, Dag Håkon; Jakobsen, Siri; Lauvås, Thomas Andre (2022). Reframing the case method in entrepreneurship education : Cases from the Nordic countries. ISBN: 9781800881143. Edward Elgar Publishing. s 306.
  • Sivertsen Berg, Ingrid; Haneberg, Dag Håkon Andre Åsmundhavn; Alsos, Ole Andreas; Solvoll, Sølvi (2023). How can we re-think assessment of students’ work in entrepreneurship education?.
  • Aalto, Pasi Olav; Alsos, Ole Andreas; Haneberg, Dag Håkon Andre Åsmundhavn; Steinert, Martin; Ege, Daniel Nygård; Sivertsen Berg, Ingrid (2023). The effects of learning environments on student active learning.
  • Haneberg, Dag Håkon; Fauchald, Ragnhild Nordeng; Solvoll, Sølvi; Sivertsen, Ingrid Berg; Aalto, Pasi Olav; Bolstad, Torstein; Alsos, Ole Andreas (2022). SUPER: Student active learning through wicked problems.

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