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E1058 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Scientific publications

  • Prince, Michael John (2023). What Would Preacher Do? Tactics of Blasphemy in the Strategies of Satire and Parody. Comics, Culture, and Religion Faith Imagined. ISBN: 9781350321588. Bloomsbury Academic. Kapittel 6. s 89 - 106.
  • Prince, Michael John (2022). Microdystopias and the Encoded Uncanny in Ira Levin & Rick and Morty. Microdystopias : Aesthetics and ideologies in a broken moment. ISBN: 978-1-66692-942-3. Lexington Books.
  • Prince, Michael John (2022). Textual and Musical Aspects of Satire in Irving Berlin's "Stay Down Here Where You Belong" and Frank Zappa's "Billy the Mountain". Sanglyrikk. Teori - Metode - Sjangrer. ISBN: 978-82-304-0342-6. Scandinavian Academic Press.
  • Prince, Michael John (2021). Bob Dylans John Wesley Harding. Skillingsviser og sosialbanditter etter kjærlighetssommeren. Arven fra skillingsvisene. Fra en sal på hospitalet til en sofa fra IKEA. ISBN: 9788230402979. Scandinavian Academic Press. 8. s 285 - 310.
  • Prince, Michael John (2018). Beat Refrains:Music, Milieu and Identity in Jack Kerouac's The Subterraneans, the Motro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Adaptation. Kerouac on record: a literary soundtrack. ISBN: 978-1-5013-2334-8. Bloomsbury Academic. Chapter 7. s 111 - 121.
  • Prince, Michael John (2017). Bob Dylans tvetydige litteratur. Er hans kunstneriske produksjon Nobels litteraturpris verdi?. Agder Vitenskapsakademi - Årbok 2016. ISBN: 978-82-8314-153-5. Portal forlag. "Nobelprisen i litteratur". s 260 - 265.
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  • Prince, Michael John (2015). Why is Marylou Reading Proust? Intertextuality and Metatextuality in Salles and Rivera's On the Road (2012). Out of the Shadows. Beat Women are not Beaten Women. ISBN: 978-82-8314-059-0. Portal forlag. 9. s 167 - 178.
  • Prince, Michael (2014). "Whither goest thou, America?": Deterritorialization, Identity, and the Fellahin Ideal in Jack Kerouac's On the Road. Transculturation and Aesthetics.Ambivalence,Power and Literature. ISBN: 9789042039155. Brill Academic Publishers. §11, in Part IV "Localized Reading". s 187 - 203.
  • Prince, Michael (2014). Don’t Worry about the Government: Agency Panic in Philip K. Dick and Steven Spielberg’s ‘Minority Reports’. The dynamics of interconnections in popular culture(s). ISBN: 978-1-4438-5031-5. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Chapter. s 142 - 158.
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  • Prince, Michael J. (2008). Resistance is Futile: Beat Generasjonen, Beat litteratur og samfunnskritikk. Kritikkens forgreninger: Om samfunnskritikk i litteratur og samfunnsvitenskap / Hans Chr. Garmann Johnsen, Terje Dragseth, Oddbjørn Johannessen og Kjetil Lysgård (red.). Cappelen Damm Høyskoleforlaget. s 111 - 125.
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  • Prince, Michael John (2023). “Imminent and Striated Spaces in Harry Partch’s The Wayward”.
  • Markussen, Bjarne; Slettan, Svein; Prince, Michael John (2022). Arven fra skillingsvisene.
  • Prince, Michael John (2021). Desertdscape and renewal in Axel Jensen's Doktor Fantastisk.
  • Prince, Michael John (2021). "Axel jensen's Beat Cred.: Ikaros & Line and the Beat Poets.
  • Prince, Michael John (2021). Simulations, microdystopias, and the encoded uncanny in Rick and Morty.
  • Prince, Michael John (2020). «Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding: sosialbanditten etter kjærlighetssommeren»..

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