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Geir Haaland

Assistant Professor

Study program manager Masters` program in Accounting and Auditing

9I271 ( Universitetsveien 19, Kristiansand )

Geir Haaland is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder. He holds a Master of Accounting and Auditing from NHH Norwegian School of Economics, and is certified as a state authorized public accountant.

Haaland's professional interests include auditing, corporate governance, financial accounting and the work of Board of Directors. He is currently active in a major research project, funded by The Research Council of Norway, which researches the internationalization of accounting reporting and auditing processes.

Haaland has published articles in the journal Revisjon og Regnskap and he has authored an exercise book in accounting.

Haaland heads the University of Agder’s Master’s Program in Accounting and Auditing, which he helped establish in 2015. For a number of years, he has also been a lecturer in auditing at the University of Stavanger, and he is a widely used speaker on a series of topics within accounting and auditing.

As a former partner and regional unitleader of PwC Agder, Haaland was the independent auditor of a number of companies of general interest, in addition to a multitude of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Haaland is a member of the Norwegian Council for Economic and Administrative Education’s Committee for Accounting and Auditing. He is the UiA-responsible professional for the Practical Test of Auditors, and the School of Business and Laws point of contact in relation to The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants (State Autherized Public Accountants and Registered Public Accountants Assosiation) and Regnskap Norge (Authorized Accountants' Association).

He remains in touch with the field of practice through a minor position at the auditing firm Revisjon Sør.

Courses and teaching

  • Auditing (RE 401, RE 400, BE 312, RE 300)
  • Corporate Governance (BE 211)
  • Accounting (BE 100, RE 301, BE 315, BE 317) 

Work experience

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) 1984 - 2005 

 Auditing and Industry experience (alphabetic order)

  • Agder Energi (Power production and supply, etc.)
  • Agderforskning (Research foundation)
  • Fædrelandsvennen (Newspaper)
  • Hakon-gruppen (Supermarkeds)
  • Herman Hansen Mek Verksted (Mechanical industry)
  • Hydralift (Cranes and offshore projects)
  • Kristiansand Dyrepark (Zoo and Amusement park)
  • Kristiansand Kino (Cinema)
  • Spareskillingsbanken (Banking)
  • Strømmestiftelsen (Aid)
  • Sørlandskonsult (Consulting Engineers)
  • Vest Agder Sentralsykehus (Helathcare)


Academic interests

Auditing, accounting, corporate governance 


Internationalization of financial reporting and auditing https://ifra.uia.no/

Selected publications

  • 2019:  Master's thesis in accounting and auditing Magma 1/19 s.17 - 20
  • 2019: Key matters in auditing. Revisjon og Regnskap 1 /19  s. 22 – 26
  • 2014: Materiality in auditing. Revisjon og Regnskap  6 /14 s. 25 – 31


General outreach


  • Selected topics in auditing (2019)
  • How to make use of your independent auditor (Breakfast seminar 2018) 
  • Upcoming legislative changes in the business area (Breakfast seminar 2017)       
  • From Corporate Risk to Audit Risk Assessment and Management (2016)
  • Board responsibility and dividend (Breakfast seminar 2015)
  • Accounting regulations (2015)
  • Risk assessment and management in audit (2015)
  • Descartes in the teaching (The World Bank 2015)
  • Audit documentation, risk management and evidence (2013)
  • New ISA - standards in Auditing (2010)
  • Effective collection of evidence in auditing (2010)
  • Advanced auditing (2009)
  • Accountancy for practitioners (2008)
  • Controlling for Payroll Controllers (2008)

Scientific publications

  • Haaland, Geir (2017). REVISJON oppgaver og løsningsforslag. ISBN: 978-82-02-52322-0. Cappelen Damm Akademiske. s 454.
  • Haaland, Geir (2019). Utvalgte temaer i revisjon.
  • Haaland, Geir (2018). Hvordan kan selskapet bruke sin valgte revisor?.
  • Haaland, Geir (2017). Kommende endringer i bedriftsøkonomisk lovgivning (aksjelov mv).
  • Haaland, Geir (2017). Fra foretaksrisiko til revisjonsrisiko.
  • Haaland, Geir (2016). Fra foretaksrisiko til revisjonsrisiko - vurdering og håndtering.
  • Haaland, Geir (2015). Regnskapsførerregelverket og hvitvaskingsbestemmelser.

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