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Beate Goldschmidt-Gjerløw

PhD Research Fellow

Social Science Education

53A103 ( Universitetsveien 53, Kristiansand )

Academic interests

Democratization, Transitional Justice, The Convention on the Rights of the Child, Identity, Social Science Education, Sexual Violence. Beate Goldschmidt-Gjerløw is currently conducting research related to teaching about controversial and sensitive issues in upper-secondary schools in Norway. 


Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, B. & M.Remkes (2019) Frontstage and Backstage in Argentina's Transitional Justice Drama: The Niet@s Reconstruction of Identity on Social Media, International Journal of Transtional Justice, Oxford University Press

Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, B. (2019) Children's Rights and Teachers' Responsibilities: Reproducing or Transforming the Cultural Taboo on Child Sexual Abuse? Human Rights Education Review, Vol. 2 (1) https://doi.org/10.7577/hrer.3079

Scientific publications

  • Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, Beate (2019). Identitet og overgangsrettferdighet i sosiale medier.
  • Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, Beate (2019). – Lærere må snakke med elevene om seksuelle overgrep, mener forsker.
  • Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, Beate (2019). Who teachers are matters: Exploring the correlations of teachers’ personal characteristics on teaching practice.
  • Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, Beate (2018). Samfunnsfagslærere som agenter for sosial rettferdighet.
  • Goldschmidt-Gjerløw, Beate (2018). Which factors shape if and how social science teachers address gender, sexuality and sexual violence in Norwegian upper-secondary classrooms?.

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