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"One of the most interesting master's programs within the field"

My master's studies provided me with new skills as it was a source of knowledge and experience.

Massiel Carolina Henríquez Parodi

PhD Research Fellow

Why did you choose your study program?

"I knew that I wanted to do a master closely related with international business. When I was looking for Master programs, I saw that the University of Agder had one of the most interesting master's programs within the field where I wanted to specialize and work in the future."


Why did you choose to study at UiA?

"I chose the University of Agder because when I was looking for a study program, I noted that it was one of the few universities that offered a master within international business and its location is one of the best in Norway."


What was it like being a student with us?

"It was an enriching experience. I was able to be part of multicultural teams, I met people from different parts of the world. During my masters I participated in courses with an interactive approach and others that were more traditional. I was also part of courses that were based on experiential learning, where I could work with companies and projects to bring solutions to real business challenges."


How was the transition from study to job?

"It was smooth as I was part of a consultancy project by the end of my studies. After I finished my studies, I started working."


How do you use your education in your job today?

"My work is closely related with my master studies as I work with research, specifically studying the internationalization of firms. My master studies provided me with new skills as it was a source of knowledge and experience."


 Do you have any tips for future or current students?

- Start reading and studying from the first day. If there are courses that you consider difficult, the more you study it and learn it, the more you will like it and enjoy it.

- Come prepared to class and read the corresponding material. That way you will understand the lectures easier. Additionally, you will be able to be an active part of the class, and you will have more confidence to ask and answer questions.

- Teaming up with students from other countries will allow you to learn from new cultures and to see things from a different perspective.