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Tobias Øverli and André Fredheim

Tobias Øverli and André Fredheim
Multimedia technology and design
Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap
18. desember 2017

The SMR video project

In recent years, with more and more extreme weather and a new world picture it is becoming more and more clear that cities need to adapt to a new level of threat, ether its natural or man-made catastrophes. The SMR project aims to be a portal for such events, and we were fortunate enough to makes some videos for them.

European cities face an increasing frequency and intensity of hazards and disasters, which are exacerbated by climate change and social dynamics, such as demographic change and an ageing population. As Europe’s cities continue to grow, there is an urgent need for far-reaching and holistic approaches to enhance cities’ capacity to resist, absorb, accommodate and recover from the potentially critical effects of hazards. Supporting and building on the nexus of key resilient cities across Europe can create a strong backbone for all of Europe’s cities to support one another in overcoming the challenges arising from risks ahead.

We were so fortunate that we stumbled upon a video project for SMR, where the purpose was to make a few short tutorial videos and a longer information video. Since we are student at the Multimedia technology and design, we thought that we should apply on the project since it would be good practice for us, and something we could use on our future portfolio.

After a few meeting with Mikho, how was in charge of the video project, we came up with a plan for how we would like to proceed with the filming. We figured out that it was important to show the cities why they need such a portal for eventual catastrophes. So with the help from both people on the university and from the municipality we created six videos that cover different aspects of the portal.

Throughout this period of the project we learned a hole bunch of stuff. We learned important things in regard of being freelancers on employment for a serious project, like deadlines and how to work with people that has a different field than yourself. We have also learned a lot of the portal itself, and we are also starting to think that this is something every city and municipality should starting to implement the portal for there citizen.

So we like to thank the university and the people one the SMR project for taking a chance on us, we learned a lot from this project and are grateful for given this chance.