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Ingrid Espegren Dalsmo

Ingrid Espegren Dalsmo
Master's Programme in Clinical Health Science
Fakultet for helse- og idrettsvitenskap
15. desember 2017

School drop-outs and health-promotion campaigns in Tanga-region, Tanzania

I am currently working on a master thesis which explores drop out girls’ experience being involved in health-promotion campaigns at local schools and villages in Tanzania. The research is qualitative with group interviews of a total of 12 girls, five observations of campaigns and individual interviews with two employees who work with the girls.

These data were collected on a study trip to Tanzania conducted in October 2017. The funding through the “Student research funding” was used for this study trip. I am now organizing and analysing data, and I plan to complete my master thesis in May 2017.


The University in Agder (and other Colleges and Universities in Norway) has for many years collaborated with Tanga International Competence Centre (TICC) mainly with student exchange in the program of Bachelor in Nursing. A joint research project with National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) Tanga, TICC, and many of the Colleges and Universities who send students to TICC, are now at the starting point. In this research project it is desirable to involve, among others, students who are involved in a master program. My research project concerning drop out girls and health promotion campaigns is one of two “pilot-projects” in writing a master thesis collaborating with TICC.


My experience concerning this has so far been positive. The staff of TICC and the local NGO Hatua na Maendeleo (HAMA) has been most helpful and have facilitated my research. It has been very interesting and involving a lot of work, resulting in a steep learning curve. The process of getting ethical clearance in Tanzania was extensive, but hopefully future students will gain from this experience. I will highly recommend other master-students to write their thesis on a topic in Tanzania if possible.   


A previous blogpost on this website dated 28th of June 2017 tell more about the research:



I would like to express my gratitude both to UiA and to TICC for giving me the opportunity to write a thesis on an interesting and important topic. The UN emphasize that health-promotion, education and empowerment for and of women are all part of the goals that will help ending poverty (UN, 2015). The thesis will touch on all these three topics.


If you want to read more about HAMA and TICCs work, here are their websites:

-        https://ticchama.wordpress.com/

-        http://www.meetingpointtanga.net/




UN (2015) Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Retrieved 21.03.17 from https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld