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Canberk Ulaş

Canberk Ulaş
World Music Performance
Fakultet for kunstfag
18. mai 2022

Punkt@Banlieues Bleues, Paris

Punkt Concert

11-12 April 2022, Banlieues Bleues Festival

Paris, France

In the previous semester, Professor Jan Ban was my principal instrument teacher (Autumn 2021). He was not able to teach this semester, however this concert was the best lesson ever. Professor Jan Bang invited me to be a part of Punkt Ensemble in 2 concerts in Paris. I had a chance to perform with him and with the other members of Punkt Ensemble who are legend musicians of Norway such as Erik Honore and Eivind Aarset. Also, 2 musicians who live in Paris joined us at the second concert. I am really happy to have an opportunity to meet and play with these really high-level musicians Michele Rabbia and Regis Huby through this concert. 

Playing with these outstanding musicians is a great lesson because I believe the best way to be a good musician is to have jams with great musicians. Apart from the music, there are even more things to learn like leadership. I believe I have learned a lot about leadership from Professor Bang. It was also important and great to have feedback and his opinions about the concerts afterward.