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Rabiya Nawaz

Rabiya Nawaz
International Business
Handelshøyskolen ved UiA
05. oktober 2022

Knowledge arbitrage and serendipity systematic literature review

My experience as a research assistant on the topic of Knowledge arbitrage  and what I learned from this valuable Journey being a student Research Assistant 

This autumn, I have been working with Associate Professor Amandeep Dhir on a project concerning knowledge arbitrage and serendipity. Being a part of this project was a great opportunity for me to understand more in depth about the topic, I was already interested in. Moreover, this project also gave me an insight about how research scholars work. The assistance provided me with the confidence to bring my own ideas and to get valuable feedback on the tasks I was doing.

This research project is centered around the concept of knowledge arbitrage and serendipity, which is an emerging concept in the field of knowledge management. Due to advancement in technologies and rapid changes in the global business environment organizations wants to have clear understanding about how knowledge is formed, disseminated, and applied within the organizations. This influential role of knowledge has led to the emergence of concept of strategic knowledge arbitrage and strategic knowledge serendipity, which is now increasingly used by organizations, for practicing innovation, building networks, and achieving competitive advantage to enhance business performance. Despite numerous publications, to the best of our knowledge, there has been no work done to review this study systematically in order to enable them advantageous for researchers and practitioners.

I have learned several things by participating in this project. I was assigned to conduct systematic literature review to explore the current status of this topic, findings, and future recommendations. Furthermore, this study is concluded by offering a set of theoretical and practical implications, facilitating the scholars and organizations to grasp the theoretical underpinnings and effectively utilize the relevant theoretical lens to investigate further the knowledge arbitrage and knowledge serendipity phenomenon in future.

I would like to extend my gratitude to University of Agder, School of Business and Law and Professor Amandeep Dhir for considering me for this project. Participating and working with this project has been an insightful and a great learning experience. As a student, it is highly informative and beneficial to be a part of a research project as it pushes oneself in ways different from projects given as part of a course. Overall, I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and recommend others to also consider applying for research assistance jobs.