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Rein Terje Thorstensen



37 23 32 16
909 32 669
D3099 ( Jon Lilletunsvei 9, Grimstad )
Institutt for ingeniørvitenskap


Selected scientific projects

2017-present: NFR Profesjon: More Efficient and Environmental Friendly Road Construction –
Project leader, Work Package Leader and Researcher

2016-present: NFR BIA: RESGRAM, Member of board and Researcher

2015-16:      NFR: SFI Offshore Mechatronics, Member of board

2015-16:      VRI: Cemfib (development of new cement based materials), Researcher

2014-present: NFR BIA Innovativ Kraft, Member of board

2014-15:      VRI: Olava betong (development of Ultra High Performance Concrete), Researcher

2012-2016:   NFR BIA: Marin Plattform, Member of board

2013-14:      VRI: LCA in construction, Project leader and Researcher

2010-11:      NFR/RFFA: Reduction of greenhouse gas emission from construction materials,

2008-10:      The National Construction Cost Program (NCCP): Lean construction
                Implementation of Last Planner in a medium sized construction site, Researcher

2006-07:      Innovation Norway (IN), IFU-project: Development of housing for slum renovation
                and disaster area
, Technical leader and Researcher

2006-07:      Husbanken  (Governmental bank for Housing): EPS Building, Project leader and Researcher

Courses currently given

   - BYG101 Technical design 

   - TFL300 Research and Development Project

   - BYG405 High Performance Materials

Supervisory activities

2016- present:  PhD-candidate Ingrid Lande Larsen

2013-14:       PhD-candidate Ivana Janickova

1993-present:  MSc and BSc-projects,
                 More than 100, the majority in cooperation with industrial companies

Scientific review

   - Springer, Materials and structures (Journal)
   - American Concrete Institute (Journal)
   - Concrete Innovation Congress (Conference)

Entrepreneurship and commercialization of research

Inventor and co-founder of Construction Company EPS AS, based on design, production method and mobile production facility for affordable, yet sturdy houses for slum renovation and disaster areas. Idea approved within the South-African National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) based on erection of prototype in Soshanguve township outside Pretoria.


Network & Boardroom work

2017-present: Siva, Norsk katapult: FutureMat – National Center for Future Material technology,
                Member of intermediate board during establishment

2016-present: NCE EYDE – Norwegian Centre of Expertise: Eyde process industry cluster, Member of board

2012-present: Norwegian Concrete Association – University network, Delegate

2012-present: Norwegian Concrete Association – Sørlandsavdelingen, Member of regional board

2011-present: Industrial advisory board for UiA Civil&Structural engineering programs, Leader

2011-13:     TEKNAs fagråd Agder (Regional council of the Association of Chartered Engineers),
                Member of council, final year as chairman

2006-16:     HEPA Consult AS, Chairman of board

2006-14:     EPS Bygg AS, Member of board

2007-11:     Faculty board,UiA Dept for Social sciences and economy, Deputy board member

2006-08:     The Norwegian Energy Industry (EBL), Cooperation council towards Universities, Member

2006-07:     Moltemyr oppvekstområde 0-16 (Municipal council on adolescence), Chairman of board

2001-07:     Moltemyr SU og FaU, Council for primary school, Member and Chairman (3 years)

2001-03:     Filonova AS (UiA’s agent within Continuing education), Member of board

1998-2002:  Faculty board, UiA Faculty for Technology,
                Member – elected representative amongst employees




2016:         Evaluated professor by expert committee

2015:         Dekanskolen - Educational program for University Deans
               (UHR - The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions)

2013-14:    “Summit” - Educational program for leaders
               (NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises)

2008-09:     University pedagogics (UiA – University of Agder)

1998-2000:  PhD courses, 60ECTS(NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

1985-89:     MSc in Civil and Structural Engineering (NTNU)


Work experience

2017-present:   Vice Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Science

2007-2017:     Head of Department for Engineering Sciences, UiA

2016:            Appointed Professor

2005-07:        Program coordinator for Civil & Structural engineering education, UiA

2002-05:        Assistant professor, UiA

2000-03:        Vice dean, Faculty for Technology, UiA, Constituted Dean the last period

1997-2002:     Program coordinator for Civil & Structural engineering education, UiA

1999-2000:     Head of Department for Mechanics and Material science, UiA

1997-99:        Assistant professor, UiA

1994-97         Senior executive officer, Aust-Agder county authority

1991-94        Lecturer, Blakstad High School

1991-97        Adjunct positions at

                    - UiA, Lecturer
                    - Br Reme (Construction company), construction site manager
                    - Agderplan AS (Design consultancy), design engineer

1990             Military service, rank of corporal


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