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Paul John Thibault


108D ( Universitetsveien 51, Kristiansand )

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Shi, Dan; Thibault, Paul John (2022). Languaging dynamics of classroom interactivity: A distributed view of the pedagogic recontextualization in L2 tertiary settings. Semiotica: Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies. ISSN: 0037-1998. 2022 (245). s 125 - 155. doi:10.1515/sem-2020-0096.
  • Johannessen, Christian Mosbæk; Longcamp, Marieke; Stuart, Susan A.J.; Thibault, Paul John; Baber, Chris (2021). The look of writing in reading. Graphetic empathy in making and perceiving graphic traces. Language Sciences. ISSN: 0388-0001. 84doi:10.1016/j.langsci.2021.101363.
  • Thibault, Paul John (2020). Languaging as Emergent Constraint-satisfying Self-organizing Activity Dialogical context-completing, context-making, and context-seeking dynamics. Signifiances (Signifying). ISSN: 2606-0442. 4 (1). s 20 - 65. doi:10.18145/signifiances.v4i1.269.
  • Thibault, Paul John; Baldry, Anthony (2020). Multimodal Ecological Literacy: Animal and human interactions in the Animal Rescue genre. Multiliteracy Advances and Multimodal Challenges in ELT Environments. ISBN: 9788832831535. Forum Editrice. s 155 - 218.
  • Thibault, Paul John (2018). Integrating self, voice, experience Some thoughts on Harris?s idea of self communication and its relevance to a dialogical account of languaging. Language and Dialogue. ISSN: 2210-4119. 8 (1). s 159 - 179. doi:10.1075/ld.00010.thi.
  • Thibault, Paul John (2018). Simplex selves, functional synergies, and selving: Languaging in a complex world. Language Sciences. ISSN: 0388-0001. 71s 49 - 67. doi:10.1016/j.langsci.2018.03.002.
  • Thibault, Paul John (2017). Emotional labour and the neoliberal entrepreneurial self at work and in the home: emotions as privatised individual capital or revolutionary social praxis?. Critical Humanist Perspectives The Integrational Turn in Philosophy of Language and Communication. ISBN: 9781315621760. Routledge. Artikkel.
  • Thibault, Paul John (2017). Graphic trace-making as articulated-expressive trajectories of movement; de-textualizing and de-stratifying writing. The Materiality of Writing; A Trace-Making Perspective. ISBN: 978-1-138-67972-6. Routledge. Artikkel.
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  • Thibault, Paul John; Tønnessen, Morten (2016). Human perceptions of animals : a multimodal event analysis of interview data. Animal Umwelten in a Changing World. Zoosemiotic Perspectives. ISBN: 978-9949-77-280-3. University of Tartu Press. Kapittel. s 66 - 106.
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  • Thibault, Paul John (2012). Hypermedia Selves and Hypermedia Stories: Narrativity, writing, and normativity in personal blogs. Web Genres and Web Tools: Contributions from the Living Knowledge project. ISBN: 9788871644042. IBIS. chapter/article. s 7 - 50.
  • Thibault, Paul John (2012). The Interaction Order of Predicational Language: Lexicogrammar, Second order Language, and Cognitive-semiotic Dynamics. Proceedings of the Second Northeast Asia International Symposium on Language, Literature and Translation Changchun, China, May 18-20, 2012. ISBN: 9780984520985. American Scholars Press. article. s 678 - 692.
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  • Thibault, Paul John (2011). Language Behavior as Catalytic Prosess: Steps Towards a Theory of Living Language (Part 1). Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS). ISSN: 1918-9907. 3 (2). doi:10.37693/pjos.2011.3.8833.
  • Thibault, Paul John (2011). Language Behavioras Catalytic Process: Steps Towards a Theory of Living Language (Part 2). Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS). ISSN: 1918-9907. 3 (2).
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  • Thibault, Paul John (2018). Selected Topics in Linguistics: Re-exploring some basic issues.
  • Thibault, Paul John; Baber, Chris; Longcamp, Mariek; Johannessen, Christian Moesbaek; Stuart, Susan (2018). Graphics in Interactivity – Preliminary Considerations.
  • Thibault, Paul John (2018). Language and Situationality.

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