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Ahmed Nabil Belbachir


Senior Scientist

401 08 137
Teknova Grimstad
Institutt for informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi


Researcher unique identifier(s) (ORCID):      0000-0001-9233-3723


Educational background

2005                PhD in Computer Science

Faculty of Informatics,Vienna University of Technology (Austria); “On-board Processing for an Infrared Observatory”; Advisor: Prof. Horst Bischof;graduation date: 13.April 2005.

2000                Master in Signal Processing

Faculty of Electronics, University of Oran (Algeria); “Digital Filter Design in the Discrete Space”; Advisor: Prof. Mohamed Faouzi Belbachir;graduation date: 29.April 2000.

1996                Engineering Degree in Electronics

Faculty of Electronics, University of Oran (Algeria); “Signal Reconstruction from the Spectral Phase: Study of Noise Influence”; Advisor: Prof. Mohamed Faouzi Belbachir;graduation date: 4.July 1996.

Working experiences

2014 –            Chief Scientist, Smart Instrumentation / TEKNOVA AS/ Norway

2015 –            Senior Scientist, ICT Department / University of Agder / Norway                 

2006 – 2015   Senior Scientist

                       Safety and Security Department / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / Austria

2000 – 2006   Scientist

                       Faculty of Computer Science / Vienna University of Technology / Austria

                       Work package Leaderfor the Herschel Project from the European Space Agency


2012               TV Documentary of the European TV Euronews on Elderly CARE, February 2012:


2012               Article in the French newspapers “Le monde” on Smart Cameras for Surveillance and Security,March 2012 www.lemonde.fr.

2010 – 2012    Several articles in the Austrian newspaper Der Standard on security in large events (February 2012), elderly care (2010), smart cities (2010). www.derstandard.at.

2009 – 2012   Several articles in the Austrian newspaper Die Presse on people counting (2009), elderly care (2010, 2011) and security in large events like Olympia (2012). www.diepresse.at.

2011                European Magazine ERCIM article on smart systems for elderly care www.ercim.eu.

2008 – 2010   Contribution to media (German media 2010), TV documentaries.

Faglige interesser

Research interests

Main interests lie within the design and recognition of smart cameras and new sensor technologies for digitalization, automation and autonomous systems.

  • real-time (embedded) vision (2D, 3D and 4D).
  • asynchorous visual sensing.
  • bio-inspired smart sensing.
  • computational intelligence.
  • camera systems (visual and non-conventional cameras)
  • computer vision
  • Visual learning
  • Automation and autonomy

Selected publications

  • Euronews TV Documentary on Elderly CARE, February 2013:


  • A.N. BELBACHIR(Ed.), “Smart Cameras,” in Chinese, China Machine Press, January 2014 (in English from Springer 2009).

  • Ahmed Nabil BELBACHIR, Mario DROBICS and Walter MARSCHITZ, “Ambient Assisted Living for Ageing Well – An Overview,” Magazine Elektrotechnik & Informationstechnik (2010) 127/7–8: 1–6, Springer Verlag, Aug, 2010.

  • A. N. BELBACHIR, T. LUNDEN, P. HANAK, F. MARKUS, M. BOETTCHER and T. MANNERSOLA, “Biologically-inspired Stereo Vision for Elderly Safety at Home,” Magazine Elektrotechnik & Informationstechnik (2010) 127/7–8: 1–7, Springer Verlag, Aug, 2010.

  • Ahmed Nabil BELBACHIR, Martin LITZENBERGER,Stephan SCHRAML,Michael HOFSTÄTTER, Daniel BAUER, Peter SCHÖN,Martin HUMENBERGER,Christoph SULZBACHNER, Tommi LUNDEN and Markus MERNE,"CARE: A Dynamic Stereo Vision Sensor System for Fall Detection," IEEE ISCAS2012 International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 2012, South Korea; pp. 731-734 in: "ISCAS 2012", IEEE, 2012

  • Ahmed Nabil BELBACHIRStephan SCHRAML,and Aneta NOWAKOWSKA,"Event-Driven Stereo Vision for Fall Detection," In proc. of the IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern recognition Workshops in CVPR 2011, pp. 78-83, USA, IEEE, 2011

  • S. SCHRAML, A.N. BELBACHIR and H. BISCHOF, “An Event-driven Stereo System for Real-Time 3D 360° Panoramic Vision”, in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. 63, No. 1, January 2016.

  • S. SCHRAML,A.N. BELBACHIRand H. Bischof, “Event-driven Stereo Matching for Real-time 3D Panoramic Vision,” in IEEE CVPR, pp. 484-492, 2015.

  • A.N. BELBACHIR, S. SCHRAML, M. MAYERHOFER, M.HOFSAETTER, "A Novel HDR Depth Camera for Real-time 3D 360° Panoramic Vision," in IEEE CVPR W. p.p. 425-432, USA, 2014.

  • E. PIATKOWSKA,A.N. BELBACHIR, M. GELAUTZ, “Cooperative and asynchronous stereo vision for dynamic vision sensors,” in Measurement Science and Technology, 5, April 2014.

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