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MPhil in Theoretical Linguistics (University of Tromsø, 2021)


I'm working on the syntax of deverbal nominalizations in English and Indonesian.


English to Indonesian translator

Faglige interesser

  • Syntax
  • Generative Linguistics
  • Comparative Linguistics
  • Indonesian Language
  • English Language
  • Translation Studies

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Violine, Melody. (2021). Argument structure and morphological marking in Indonesian: A research on verbalisations and its consequences for nominalisations. Master’s thesis, UiT The Arctic University of Norway. UiT Munin, https://munin.uit.no/handle/10037/21879.

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Violine, Melody (2023). The Syntax of Event Nominalizations in Indonesian.
  • Violine, Melody (2023). The Incorporation of Covert Arguments in Indonesian Verbs.
  • Violine, Melody (2023). Resultatives and Event Interpretation.
  • Violine, Melody (2023). Verbal Extended Projection and Event Interpretation in Derived Nominals.

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