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Fang ZHENG began working at the University of Agder as a PhD Research Fellow in April 2022. Shortly after that, she joined the Cotutelle and Joint PhD program between UiA and University of Southern Denmark. Her primary research interests include international business policy, global virtual team performance, and the combined usage of Necessary Condition Analysis with PLS-SEM.

Prior to joining UiA, Fang worked for the Norwegian Embassy (Innovation Norway) in Beijing, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the Hungarian Embassy in Beijing. Throughout her academic and professional experiences, cross-border trade and investment activities have been the central focus of her work.

Fang ZHENG completed her Master's degree in International Business Negotiation from Rennes School of Business, France in 2019.


International Business Policy

Globalt Virtuelt Team

Necessary Condition Analysis


Combined usage of PLS-SEM and Necessary Condition Analysis

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