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  • Dette artistiske forskningsfeltet er rettet mot utdanning av musikere, både som solister og medlemmer av varierte ensembler
  • Gir mulighet til spesialisering innen forskjellige sjangre av folkemusikk, tradisjonell norsk musikk og verdensmusikkonsepter, hvor spennende musikalske samarbeider vil være i fokus
  • Forskningsresultatene gir både praktisk og teoretisk innsikt
  • Et hovedpoeng for dette feltet vil være nettverksbygging og videre samarbeid med eksisterende partnere i Nepal, Kambodsja, Kina og Tanzania. Det akademiske miljøet innen forskningsgruppen har flere ansatte som gjennom deres artistiske arbeid har sterke internasjonale posisjoner innen verdensmusikksjangeren

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This artistic research area is directed towards the education of musicians both as a soloist and activities in various ensembles. The upcoming master study in World Music provides the opportunity to specialization within different genres of folk, traditional Norwegian music and World Music concept, how exciting musical collaboration will be in focus. In addition, both the research and education provide both practical and theoretical insights. A key element of this field will be networking and further cooperation with existing partners in Nepal, Cambodia, China and Tanzania. The academic community has several employees who through their artistic work have strong international position within the genre World Music.

The research project Music Without Borders (– led by Professor Bjørn Ole Rasch and assisted by Assistant Professor/PhD Candidate Ingolv Haaland – is linked to this research group. The project was in 2014 awarded NOK 2,3 million from the Artistic Research Programme (, which represents almost a quarter of the national provisions on the field. Two of our research fellows are linked to this group. 

Current projects

Music Without Borders – Traditional music from Setesdal in meeting with world musicians

The starting point for the project is a set of recordings by Norwegian folk-musicians of Norwegian folk-songs in the “stev og slåtte” (stave and tune) tradition of Setesdal in Agder. These studio-produced video and audio recordings will be passed on to performers from other parts of the world for them to respond to. Their musical responses will form the basis for a digitally interactive process using the latest music technology: portable studio / laptop, Dropbox and Skype. Participants will also meet in person to continue their work in joint seminars and workshops at the various partner institutions.

The project is based on the following two-part problem as presented:

  1. How do performers from other cultures respond to traditional Norwegian music from Setesdal, and how do Norwegian artists / performers respond to these responses?
  2. In further developing the musical material, what are the implications of the different instruments of world music? What tonal and rhythmical challenges and opportunities do they offer when developing a new sound?

The final results of the project will be made publicly available on CD and DVD, and in the form of video installations that presents a selection of the musical responses submitted during the working process. The video installations will also form an opportunity for live responses from various musicians. The artist Jeremy Welsh will take charge of developing these video installations. Other presentational formats will include public concerts, seminars and studio sessions.

One major resource for this project is the international network built up by PhD research fellow Annbjørg Lien and Project leader Professor Bjørn Ole Rasch, which was documented recently in Khoom Loy (2012), an album nominated for a Norwegian Grammy Spellemann prize in 2012.

Assistant project leader and research fellow Ingolv Haaland also has several years’ experience of working with musical projects in Southeast Asia and The Middle East.

Previous projects

Coming soon


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Music Productions: 

  • Annbjørg Lien. (1996). Prisme [CD] Norway: Grappa Producer: Bjørn Ole Rasch
  • Annbjørg Lien. (1999). Baba Yaga [CD] Norway: Grappa Producer: Bjørn Ole Rasch
  • Annbjørg Lien. (2012). Khoom Loy [CD] Norway: Grappa Producer: Bjørn Ole Rasch
  •  Ingolv Haaland feat. Ouch Savy. (2014). Asian Flow [CD] Norway, Cambodia: C-Lounge Records
  • Ingolv Haaland feat. Synth. (2015). Asian Flow [CD] Norway, Thailand: C-Lounge Records
  • Ingolv Haaland & Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. (2015). Live in Concert [CD] Norway, Cambodia, Lebanon: C-Lounge Records

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