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Resilient Media for Democracy in the Digital Age (ReMeD)

Om prosjektet

ReMeD aims to provide academic knowledge and policy solutions that foster a healthy relationship between media and democracy, which includes tackling issues such as dis- and misinformation, decline of the economic base of traditional media, and negative effects of social media platforms on the hybrid media system.

To pursue its goals, ReMeD will study and work closely with professional journalists, alternative media content producers and citizens operating in technologically mediated configurations.

The project has eight thematic case studies:

  1. Eroding trust in democratic institutions
  2. Climate crisis
  3. Covid-19 pandemic
  4. War & violent conflict
  5. Socio-economic inequality
  6. Immigration and integration
  7. Gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights
  8. Unregulated digitalisation of political arena

Subnational studies will be carried out in eight European countries: Spain, Germany, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Czechia, UK and Belgium.

UiA leads the work package on exploitation, impact scenarios and policy recommendations. This includes the creation of the ReMeD observatory digital platform highlighting key indicators and trends in media and democracy.

Prosjektet understøtter FNs bærekraftsmål innen

4. God utdanning
8. Anstendig arbeid og økonomisk vekst
9. Industri, innovasjon og infrastruktur
16. Fred, rettferdighet og velfungerende institusjoner
17. Samarbeid


Tildelt: kr 31.000.000
Midlene er mottatt fra:
Horisont Europa
Prosjektperiode 2023 - 2026


Partnere i prosjektet

  • University of Navarra (coordinating partner)
  • University of Oxford
  • LMU Munich
  • Dublin City University
  • Free University of Brussels
  • Charles University in Prague
  • Paris Lodron University of Salzburg
  • European Federation of Journalists