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Elevating the Quality of Education in ICT towards 2030 through Multilateral Collaborations (EQEI)

Om prosjektet

The main objective of the EQEI project is to elevate the quality of education and to increase the prominence of our study programs through multilateral education and research collaborations. The project promotes research-based education primarily at the Master level and supplementarily at the Bachelor and PhD levels within but not limited to the thematic area of ICT by establishing sustainable partnerships among UiA, uOttawa, and IITBBS. Through research-based education, we provide better learning opportunities to students by offering high-quality lectures, joint tutoring, as well as research training to enrich their learning experience with state-of-the-art knowledge in ICT.

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Tildelt: kr 3.000.000
Midlene er mottatt fra:
Direktoratet for høyere utdanning og kompetanse
Prosjektperiode 2023 - 2026

Partnere i prosjektet

University of Ottawa

Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar.