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Sinziana Rasca: Solutions for public transport in small and medium sized cities

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Sinziana Rasca

(Denne presentasjonen holdes på engelsk)

We would all like a world without air pollution, where greenhouse gasses and climate change are just a myth. And if we were to achieve that world, what would have to go? Cars would probably be one of the top things on the list. But imagining a world without cars, especially when living in a small or even medium sized city, is not the most comfortable thing I can think of… And why is that? Because it just takes so much planning to go from A to B without a car, that often we just give up before we even started. It’s just… NOT EASY! And that’s why the majority of us, inhabitants of smaller urban areas, depend on cars to have a normal lifestyle where you don’t spend half the day dealing with transport, a lifestyle that on the other hand is practically guaranteed to people living in large cities with good public transport services at their doorstep. 

In my research I picked up the challenge on trying to find solutions for the public transport in small and medium sized cities, a field of research that is generally neglected because “the big players” take the limelight with their millions of inhabitants and billions of dollars budgets. As I live in Agder, I decided to start with working on a local solution for people like me: employees. I managed to convince the regional public transport company, AKT, to join forces in looking for solutions. We aim to find ways for making the public transport here a little more competitive to the car for people that need to commute on a daily basis. And, as some of the public transport planning in Agder needs to 

shift into a more tech-friendly future, we will be using computer modelling to simulate how we can do that in the most user-friendly and cost-friendly way possible. 

Moving more people out of their cars and into public transport or on their bikes is a simple path towards building that dream of a world without air pollution. But getting people onto the path is the challenging part, requiring massive changes in the way public transport is designed, especially in small and medium sized cities, where half of the global population lives. Where I live. So I can’t wait to see what comes out of my work!