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Nooria Yari: Cultural Diversity and its effects on intermediary outcomes - a CQ perspective

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Nooria Yari

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Cultural Diversity - It is something we all talk about, something we have all experienced. Some of us have benefitted from it, and some suffered from the barriers caused by it. 

we live in a culturally diverse world”, “we need to include all”, “we are very diverse/ multicultural firm” or “we accept diverse cultures” are terms we are all familiar with, and terms firms often use to add value and gain competitive advantage within the market. 

In our times, the concept of diversity has been confused with the concept of inclusion. And sometimes when talking about multicultural/ diverse societies- we often have migration in mind, “the others” or “the different people” who we are aware of. 

But what is cultural diversity “actually”? how does it impact our behaviors and affect our performances? More importantly, how can we be successful in a global and diverse environment? Why is it that some individuals are more effective in a culturally diverse environment than others? Why can some people talk easily with people who are so different from them? And how can WE master it? 

In my research I focus on enablers and contextual moderators or intervening mechanisms to the barriers caused by diversity, namely concepts such as Intercultural Competences (ICC), Cultural 

Intelligence (CQ) and Global Mindset (GM). These terms in general explain an individual’s ability to function effectively in cross-cultural/ culturally diverse environment and are used as effective tools in multicultural firms. 

But How?