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Congratulations on your admission to UiA!

Your first weeks at university will be both busy and exciting. Becoming a student is a big transition and everyone’s experience will be different, so we want to ensure that you will have a great time during this period of your life.

Each year, during the first week, we organise a number of events that will help you get to know our university and settle in, while having fun. There are social happenings, such as the student festival, useful sessions about your study programme, and information meetings about different resources and services. It is a great chance to meet new people and become familiar with existing opportunities and your new surroundings.

Welcome to UiA!

Help is at hand


The library = quality and support

The university library is more than just books and academic journals. Here you find good study spaces, and experts who are happy to help you use sources, copyrighted material and finding relevant academic literature.


Write an assignment for a business

As a student you have to write several assignments. How about writing an assignment on commission from a business that actually wants your help with a practical issue they face? UiA wants to facilitate university-business collaboration and businesses connect with students.

The students organisations

As a new UiA student, you will soon hear a lot about SiA and STA. But what is the difference between them?

Student Welfare Organisation in Agder


SiA (the Student Welfare Organisation in Agder) is Norway’s best student welfare organisation and will be your student welfare organisation as a UiA student.

SiA takes care of life outside of the classroom in the same way UiA is responsible for the academic aspect of student life. SiA manages student accommodation, university canteens, bookstores on campus, health services, student venues, a fitness centre, nurseries – and organises the Semester Start Festival, a two-day festival with concerts, activities and social events inside and outside, day and night.

> Find out more on sia.no/en


The Student Organisation of Agder


STA ensures that UiA and SiA do their jobs and is the UiA students’ main interest group. STA works to represent your rights, interests and needs as a student.

If you feel that UiA or SiA do not fulfil their duties and find that your concerns are not heard by UiA or SiA, you can contact STA.

STA is also responsible for the student representatives on every course and most student activities.

> Find out more on stastudent.no/en


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