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Choosing what to study

What are my study options?

Finding out what you want to study is crucial to enjoying your time at university, especially if you are considering to study abroad. It is important to explore and evaluate your options throughly before taking a decision. On this page you will find tools and relevant information that will assist you in making that choice. 

Get to know the campuses, study cities and Southern Norway!

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I nærheten

Aerial photo of Campus Kristiansand

Aerial photo of Campus Kristiansand

Campus Kristiansand has approximately 9 500 students. The buildings are surrounded by greenery and have a sleek, contemporary design. The campus is close to recreational areas and in walking distance of the city centre. The sporting facilities are very good, with a fitness centre on campus and a lot of outdoor options. 

Find your way on campus

Spicheren is the largest and most complete fitness centre in Southern Norway and it is situated on campus. It has over 2400 m² of sports halls, a workout studio, a swimming pool, a climbing wall, several rooms for group training, among others. Spicheren is open to everyone; approximately half of the members are external. 

The student cafeteria is a natural meeting place for students and staff at UiA. It is run by the Student Welfare Organisation in Agder (SiA), and has been elected several times as Norway's best student canteen.

SiA Food & Beverage

The lawn is a green and open space in the middle of Campus Kristiansand, ideal for relaxing and studying in the summertime. Many student activities take place here, such as the student festival at the beginning of the academic year (autumn semester). 

Vrimlehallen. Photo: Jon Petter Thorsen/Aptum

Vrimlehallen. Photo: Jon Petter Thorsen/Aptum

Situated in the main building, the hall is meeting point for students and staff, where events, such as fairs and exhibitions, are held throughout the year. The library, UiA Help, the Global Lounge, and the largest auditoriums can be accessed from here. From "Vrimlehallen" it is a short way to the pub and concert stage Østsia, the student cafeteria and the bookstore.

> Virtual tour of Vilhelm Krag Hall

The Library. Photo: Jon Petter Thorsen

The Library. Photo: Jon Petter Thorsen

In the library you will find a lot more than just books. There are magazines, newspapers, movies and reading spots with and without screen and keyboard. This is also where you will find the general help desk at the university - UiA Help.

> Virtual tour of the library

Located on campus, the Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden is a part of the University of Agder. At the museum you will be able to learn about the natural history of the region from the ice age until the present day. The botanical garden features plants and flowers from all over the world, as well as a rose garden that dates back to 1850. 

SiA runs the student cafeterias, bookshops, student pubs Bluebox (Grimstad) and Østsia (Kristiansand), nurseries, and the training centre Spicheren in Kristiansand. 

 SiA also offers services in health (SiA Health) and student housing (SiA Housing). 

> Learn more: SiA's webpage

STA represents the rights, interests and needs of students. STA is also responsible for all of the organised student associations and activities. Get involved in student politics!

> Learn more: STA's webpage

Sørlandet kunnskapspark (Southern Norway's Knowledge Centre) is located on Campus Kristiansand. This is where you will find the School of Business and Law at UiA.

Situated on campus and close to hiking areas. 

Located in the city centre, next to the river Otra and hiking areas.

Located on campus.

Located in Lund, between the campus and the city centre. 

Located on Lund, between campus and the city centre.

Located in Lund, between the campus and the city centre.

Kristiansand is a fast growing, modern city and is the biggest city in Southern Norway. It is the regional capital of business, administration and culture, and has 92 000 inhabitants. With an innovative industry, good infrastructure, top-notch sports venues and an active festival and fine arts community, few places in Norway can compare to Kristiansand. 

> Visit Kristiansand

Jegersberg is a large forest close to the campus and to town, with lakes and marked trails. It is a great place to immerse yourself in nature all year round, on foot, by bike or on skis. 

Kilden is a theater and concert hall on the island of Odderøya, in Kristiansand. It is the main cultural arena on the south coast and the country’s second largest building for the Arts, following the Oslo Opera. Here you can experience concerts, theater plays and a considerable variety of shows throughout all year around.

Kvadraturen is the city centre of Kristiansand. Grab a coffee in Torvet, take a stroll around Posebyen and shop in Markensgate. 

Palmesus. Photo: Maria van Schoor

Beach party in Bystranda, Palmesus. Photo: Maria van Schoor

Bystranda is a Blue Flag beach with fine sand in the southeastern part of the city. This is where the music festival Palmesus, Scandinavia's largest beach party, takes place every year in July. 

Baneheia has many trails and lakes to explore. It is a great place to unwind whether the weather is warm or it is snowing. You can access Baneheia from many places in the city centre. 

Elisabeth Høibo (c) Visit Sørlandet

Ravnedalen has an outdoor stage where many events and concerts take place in the summertime. Café Generalen has some of the best burgers in Norway. Walk to Ravnedalen by following the trails in Baneheia.

Photo: Maria van Schoor

Odderøya is an island right outside the city centre that you can access on foot. It has cozy cafés, art galleries, and hiking trails. Many concerts take place here, which makes it popular among music lovers. Many people also choose Odderøya as a sunbathing and swimming spot in the summer. 

Jorunn Jensen (c) Visit Sørlandet

Bragdøya is an island right outside Kristiansand with public recreation facilities and popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts. You can reach the island by boat, "Bragdøyabåten", from Lumber, Vågsbygd, all year. 

> Learn more about Bragdøya

Victoria Nevland(c)Visit Sørlandet 

Fiskebrygga is a charming area with colourful buildings and a lively atmosphere by the sea. It has a fish market and many outdoor restaurants, where you can try local specialities such as mussels and shrimps. Every Tuesday in the summer months there are live concerts and boats gather around the canal to watch the show. Kilden and Odderøya are just a few minutes walk away.

Southern Norway is known for its many skerries and islands surrounded by clear waters and beautiful nature. You can access them by boat or by renting a kayak.

> Learn more about these and other activities in nature 


The area where you can find Norway’s biggest shopping centre, Sørlandssenteret, as well as IKEA and Dyreparken - Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park. 

Gwen Weustink(c)Unsplash

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park is Norway's most frequently visited attraction. Animals have wide open spaces in which to roam. Dyreparken is not just a zoo; it is also a theme and entertainment park. 

> Learn more about Dyreparken

Campus Grimstad has 3 500 students and is co-located with Grimstad’s Technology Park. The campus was established in 2010 and the view is breathtaking.
The facilities are excellent and include a simulated hospital and smart house where the Centre for eHealth is developing ways to use technology to help care for the elderly and disabled.

> Make your way around campus

Campus Grimstad is located in Grimstad's Technology Park, which is the centre for research and development in Southern Norway. It is home to many innovative small businesses, particularly telecommunication and technology companies.

Gata is the main hall at Campus Grimstad. Here you will find auditoriums, classrooms, the library, UiA Help, the student cafeteria, and other services. There are also many places to study and work.

> Take a virtual tour in Gata

The library at Campus Grimstad has a lot more than just books. Here you will find many kinds of publications to consult, as well as places to study and work. This is also where you will find the general help desk of the university: UiA Help.

The Health Clinic Lab has practice rooms with a hospital standard for nursing students, with advanced dolls as patients. The dolls can be programmed with various diseases and injuries. Students learn to perform treatment in different rooms, and to cope with stressful situations.

> Take a virtual tour around the Health Clinic Lab

If you are a student at Campus Grimstad, you can live on campus. 

> Learn more: SiA Housing

Grimstad is an idyllic city with small, white wooden houses, narrow cobbled streets, tiny cafes and bakeries scattered around the city centre. Ask any one of the 20 000 inhabitants in Grimstad to describe their city, and they will probably tell you about the beautiful coastline covered with islands, skerries and small tucked away beaches. Grimstad is located only 40 minutes by car from Kristiansand.

Visit Grimstad

Cinema, concert and theatre building located in the centre of Grimstad. This is where the renowned Norwegian Short Film Festival is held every year.

Peder Austrud (c) Visit Sørlandet

Peder Austrud (c) Visit Sørlandet

Take a stroll in this picturesque walking street surrounded by Southern Norwegian architecture, niche stores, local bakeries and cozy restaurants. 

Dømmesmoen is a lush and historical park just outside the city centre with many monuments, gardens and trails to explore. 

> About Dømmesmoen

Groos is a large area with sandy beaches and great swimming conditions. There is also a playground, a beach volleyball court, a football field, a summer restaurant, parking, and bathroom facilities.

> About Groos Recreation Ground

Hanne Feyling (c) Visit Sørlandet

Hanne Feyling (c) Visit Sørlandet

From the guest harbour, everything is within five minutes of walking: stores, restaurants, cafés, the cinema, the library, and tourist information. 

Hanne Feyling (c) Visit Sørlandet

Hanne Feyling (c) Visit Sørlandet

Grimstad is known for its beautiful skerries and boat living. Rent a boat, kayak or take a ride with Badebåden. There are many islands and skerries to explore! 

This historical space is a modern arena for theatre and art performances, seating 985 spectators.

> About Fjæreheia Amphitheatre

Heidi Sørvig (c) Visit Sørlandet

Lillesand is a small town by the sea located between Kristiansand and Grimstad. It is a popular summer destination that attracts visitors from all over the country. It is a 20-minute drive from Grimstad and 30 minutes from Kristiansand.

> Visit Lillesand

 During the winter, Sandrip, in Vennesla, is a great place to try cross-country skiing. Sandrip is a 30-minute drive from Kristiansand. It is also perfect for walking trips all year round. 

Arendal is a coastal town with plenty of urban and nature areas to explore. While you are there, talk a stroll in the narrow streets of Tyholmen, the old town centre with wooden houses from the 17th century. 

Arendal is 20 minutes away from Grimstad and about an hour's drive from Kristiansand. 

> Learn more about Arendal

Under Lindesnes is the world's largest and Europe's first underwater restaurant. It was awarded a Michelin star in the 2020 edition. 

The drive from Kristiansand to Under Lindesnes is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, and just under two hours from Grimstad.

Mandal is known for its sandy beaches, white wooden houses, live concerts, and the yearly shellfish festival - "Skalldyrfestivalen". 

You can reach Mandal directly by bus from Kristiansand in 45 minutes. From Grimstad it is about an hour's drive.

> Learn more about Mandal

Interested in outdoor adventures? Head to Evje to try river rafting, go karting, climbing, biking, trekking, among other activities. 

Evje is located in Setesdal valley and it is an hour's drive from Kristiansand, and approximately one hour and 20 minutes from Grimstad.

> About Evje

Photo: Visit Sørlandet © Trond Stegarud

Located in the northern part of the Setesdal valley, the village Hovden is mainly known for its mountains and downhill skiing opportunities, with thirty four pistes and nine lifts. It is also a great place for hiking in the summer months. 

Hovden is three hours away from Kristiansand and three and a half from Grimstad. 

Elisabeth Høibo © Visit Sørlandet

The new building of the public library in Vennesla was completed in 2011 and has won several architectural prizes. 

Vennesla is 20 minutes away from Kristiansand, and 50 minutes from Grimstad.

Learn more about Vennesla Library and Culture House

Find out what student life looks like


En gruppe studenter på vei til Campus Kristiansand

Student life at UiA in 123 seconds!

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Here you will see images of semester start, lectures, our amazing cafeteria, among others, and get a closer look at the different study opportunities we offer.

Student life at UiA in 123 seconds!

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Aftermovie from the semester start in 2018

This was the semester start in 2018. We can not wait to welcome this years new students!

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