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How is the student environment in Kristiansand?

We asked our students. Here are their answers.

Students in UiA's cafe, photo

Overview of the student environment in Kristiansand:

  • An inclusive and social student community, where it is easy to meet other people
  • A good and safe start to the studies
  • A wide range of courses to choose from and activities to take part in
  • A campus layout that is based on the American campus model, with everything in one place
  • A city with everything you need: cultural spots and events, beautiful natural surrondings, a fun nightlife, opportunities within sports, and much more.

Cassandra Wolfgramm, sociology student

Cassandra, student ved UiA

“Becoming a student is a huge transition. For me, feeling safe was very important. I am very glad I chose UiA, where I got such a good start.”

Cassandra says she felt at home at UiA almost from the beginning.

“From day one, I became socially involved with other students through the mentor scheme. The American campus model with everything gathered in a compact area makes it easy to meet other people and get the help you need both in your studies and in other activities”.

“Campus Kristiansand is so close to the city center that it is also a meeting place for students. The city is an extension of the campus. I think that is very positive for the student environment”

“The relationships that are created between students from different fields of study, both through activities organised by UiA and others, is something quite unique for the students in Southern Norway. The environment here is about diversity, breadth and unity. It has something for everyone who wants to study here.”

Thomas Bugge, economics student

Thomas Bugge (portrettfoto)

“The campus is designed for a good student environment. It is American-inspired with all the faculties gathered in one place with a large lawn in the middle. This brings the students together much more than at universities where the faculties are spread throughout the city.

Thomas has been particularly involved in Mercury, the economics students' line association.

“You can join an association at the beginning of the studies and get to know your fellow students and mentors. Throughout the year, Mercury organises corporate presentations, professional and social events, such as trips to Denmark and Hovden, parties, triathlons, football and volleyball tournaments. I have met so many people through this association, and not just students I study with.”

He believes Mercury does a tremendous amount for business students and recommends everyone to join the line association of their studies.

Tayiba Haji Hassan, history student

Tayiba Haji Hassan, historiestudent ved UiA

“To me, the way the campus is designed is the reason why the student environment is so great at UiA. The campus is like a small city in itself, which is particularly noticeable if you live on campus. Here we have access to everything we need, including a fitness center and nice outdoor areas.”

“The campus is a warm and family-friendly place where you meet friends and acquaintances - even students who don't study the same as me! The fact that the student environment is so good has been very important to me, since I moved to Kristiansand from Stavanger without knowing anyone here from before.”

Tayiba talks about many active students and student associations. She has also been involved with ESN and Amnesty students.

“ESN is great if you want to get involved internationally or become part of an international environment before thinking about traveling on an exchange. Here, Norwegian and international students meet at a weekly coffee hour and international pub, and get to know people at social events where, for example, you get to taste different countries' dishes.”

Tobias Rysstad, teacher education student

“The fact that everything you need is situated on campus gives a sense of belonging and makes it easier to get to know people. Kristiansand has so much to offer: good nightlife, culture, nature, sports opportunities and, of course, Bystranda. I usually use the bike to get around. 

Tobias is from Oslo and moved to Kristiansand to take Primary School education. To him, the student canteen, modern buildings, beautiful outdoor areas and good relationshps among the students, are all factors that contribute to a great student environment. 

"Things are always possible to participate in. There's a very good and diverse offer within student sports. I feel confident that this is a place of study where most people will enjoy themselves."