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How is the student environment in Grimstad?

We asked our students. These are their answers.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

UiA racingcar
ALIGN Racing is an association that is open for students from all studies, not just for engineering students.

Student environment in Grimstad - briefly summarized:

  • Easy to get to know students across the different fields of study
  • Inclusive and supportive student community
  • Many good student associations
  • Affordable housing market = less need for part-time jobs
  • Closeness among students, resulting in friendships and expanded networks
  • A small town where students play a big role
  • Exciting initiatives that are important both professionally and socially

Heidi Haga, engineering student:

“What I think is the best thing about studying at UiA and in Grimstad is that it is so easy to get to know people across the different fields of study. I don't think I go to school one day without meeting someone I know or who says hello and wants to have a chat. This is something I think may be a little unique to Grimstad”

Heidi moved to Grimstad from Stavanger, and has completed a bachelor's degree in mechatronics, before taking her master's degree in industrial economics and technology management. She points out how important a good and positive student environment is.

“I don't think I would have made it through my studies without good study buddies who happily put in hours to explain different topics that I do not understand. It is an environment where students are very committed to helping and building each other up”

“The student associations are also fantastic here”, says Heidi, who has been involved in the Indøk Sør line association, UiA “fadder” scheme, the Grimstad Color Festival and the international engineering organization IAESTE.

She also believes that cheap student accommodation has a positive impact on student life.

“Being able to rent a large apartment at a reasonable price has many advantages. I live with two other students where we can accommodate 40 seated guests! It is easy to invite many people home, and find fun things together that cost nothing. Another benefit of staying inexpensive is that you do not need a part-time job to afford to join activities.”

Stian Westbye, student in innovation and knowledge development

“For me, the student environment is about having a good a network of friends that you can spend time with both during studies and in your spare time. I am lucky to have such a network at UiA”, says Stian, who first moved from Moss to Kristiansand to take a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and now is taking a Master's in Grimstad.

“Grimstad is a cozy, small southern town where one feels very comfortable and familiar quite easily. It is an ideal town for students. Grimstad is completely different from Kristiansand; it is much smaller and has fewer nightspots, for example. But those places are where meet the people you know. In addition, Bluebox on campus is a real "student place" that students use, and where there is a lot going on.”

Stian is passionate about innovation. He has previously been involved in Start UiA, and is now a member of Align Racing. He is also a student mentor in UiA Innovation.

“There is a lot of focus on development and innovation in the region, and focus on technology with, for example, the MIL lab, i4Helse and CAIR (artificial intelligence research center). I think many students will enjoy it in the future.

“When you start as a student, you encounter a bunch of opportunities, and those opportunities should be taken - preferably from day one! There are so many opportunities at UiA that if students say they are "bored", then I would say they have not opened their eyes and brought with them what offers are available.”

Audun Faaberg, nursing student

Audun Faaberg, sykepleiestudent

“As soon as I arrived at UiA, I noticed that it was very good to be a nursing student here. It has good environment, good lecturers and we have one of the country's finest clinic laboratories on campus.”

Audun believes UiA's focus on cooperation is important for the environment.

“UiA strongly encourages us to study together and learn from each other. Everyone is working towards a common goal: to become a health professional and work with people. We work a lot in groups and with case assignments”

“Grimstad is also a small town, so you get to know both classmates and people from other studies easily. It is a sunny city with a cozy environment.”

The fact that the majority of students in the programme are female doesn’t seem to bother her.

“Even though men are still in minority in nursing studies, you will never feel alone. Quite the opposite indeed: we get together and get along pretty well! In fact, I live with three male colleagues in a dorm. I definitely recommend UiA and nursing studies to all genders!