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2 years
120 ECTS
Fall 2022

EU/EEA international applicants

Non-EU/EEA international applicants

Music Business and Management study is constructed for students with the desire to work with the idea development and entrepreneurship within national and international music industry. Studies include subjects such as: marketing, economy, music, management and law. Students get a significant insight into Norwegian and international music industry with a strong focus on issues related to the development of new markets, revenue streams, new technologies and challenges within the area of copyright.

The students in this specialization can be part of the research group “Music Management” at the faculty’s research platform PMRU.

Students with Bachelor's degree in Music, Business and Administration, Economics, Hospitality or similar are encouraged to apply. Other bachelor programs might be considered as well.

The specialization in Music Business and Management is a specialization in the Master’s Programme in Popular Music

What do you learn?

  • You develop an understanding of the music industry origin, development and the connection between its different revenue streams.
  • You get an in-depth understanding of the area of live music and understanding of rights management within an arts management context.
  • You develop an ability to undertake in-depth analysis of revenue streams related to rights.
  • You get an understanding about the the key issues and challenges facing the music industry and other creative industries.

Job opportunities

Master in Music Business and Management offer relevant skills for working in music organizations, media, record companies, and copyright agencies.

A completed Master’s degree in Popular Music qualifies for PhD-level work, e.g. at the Faculty of Fine Arts, UiA.

Course structure

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Admission requirements

Admission requirements

See supplementary regulations regarding admission

Application period

  • Non EU/EEA international applicants: From 1 November till 1 December.
  • EU/EEA applicants: From 15 January till 1 March.
  • Nordic citizens and applicants with a permanent or renewable residence permit in Norway: From 15 January till 15 April.

Student exchange

 You can take part of the specialization in Music Business and Management abroad. It is facilitated for exchange in the 3rd semester. More about student exchange in Music business and Management.

All you need to know about exchange studies

Continuing education

A completed Master’s degree in Popular Music qualifies for PhD-level work, e.g. at the Faculty of Fine Arts, UiA. 


Application deadline

1 Dec/1 March

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