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Upon agreement

Within the specialisation in Mathematical Sciences, there are two scientific fields:

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education


Compulsory courses

  • EX-603 Theory of Science and Ethics (5 ECTS)
  • MA-602 Theories in the teaching and learning of mathematics (10 ECTS)
  • MA-607 Research methodology in mathematics education (15 ECTS)

The compulsory courses may be substituted by courses at other institutions at an equivalent level if the candidate and supervisors argue (1) the substituted course is better aligned to the candidate’s research AND (2) the candidate has other education or experience that provides the breadth of knowledge expected. The PhD Board must agree any substitution of a course.

Elective courses

Several elective courses for each scientific field are available. Please find a list of relevant courses at uia.no and in the template for the project description.

Occupational profiles of graduates and access to further studies

The employment opportunities in Mathematics and Mathematics Education are diverse. Examples of typical employers for both areas include: Universities, research institutes, government service, consulting companies and the public sector, also holders of PhDs in Mathematics are in demand from finance, media, technology sectors, and more.

Teaching methods

Fellows shall present their early stage work in progress seminar that takes place around the end of the first year of the fellowship (First Year Seminar), and additionally in a 90% seminar as a first full draft of the dissertation is nearing completion.




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