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Art in Context is an interdisciplinary and cross-aesthetic PhD specialisation. Its academic roots are in the three arts subjects, music, theatre, and the visual arts. The term covers the specialisation’s particular characteristic: contextual thinking. The objective is to train researchers who can design and implement artistic projects in which the subjects are practiced, understood and analysed in relation to complex arts, societal and performing/creative settings. These contexts are diverse, and the specialisation therefore operates with an open an dynamic context term.

The PhD specialisation KiK shall qualify candidates to carry out research within music, theatre, and/or visual subjects, and moreover within cross-aesthetic and interdisciplinary perspectives across these various fields. Interdisciplinary perspectives in which one or more arts subjects are studied in relation to other fields, for example didactice, health, and culture are central. The course offers theoretical and practical insight into arts subject-oriented, societal and creative/performing contexts which surpass the academic basis of the individual, even though each PhD project will, as a general rule, be rooted in one of the arts subjects.

The PhD candidates are involved in the Faculty’s research environments, and participate in one or more of the Faculty’s research groups.

Composition of the specialisation

The training component of the doctoral degree programme at the Faculty of Fine Arts comprises one obligatory and one elective part. The obligatory part of the specialisation in Arts in Context comprises 25 credits. In total, the training component makes up 30 credits.

The obligatory part covers the following courses:

Further to this, the following courses are obligatory for the specialisation in Arts in Context:

In the specialisation Arts in Context, it is possible to take a 5 credit-course at UiA or another national or international institution.

PhD in Fine Arts, specialisation in Arts in Context 


(150 credits)

The obligatory part covers the following courses:

Thesis work, supervisions, thesis seminars, participation in the research environment, participation in other research environments and academic dissemination. 

In the specialisation Arts in Context, it is possible to take a 5 credit-course at UiA or another national or international institution.


The programme leads to the award of a PhD, with Art in Context as its specialisation.

Career possibilities

After the completion of this educational pathway, the candidate will have acquired the requisite competence for employment in and/or work with:

  • Academic positions in higher education with a particular focus on the arts subjects and art dissemination
  • Positions where dual competency is desirable within practice-based/creative and academic work
  • Positions such as communicators, producers, leaders, curators and artists at arts institutions
  • Consultancy for the public regarding cultural questions which apply to the development of new arts and cultural projects with high demands for quality, diversity and critical reflection, together with administrative assignments and development work which initiate and put into effect research, investigative and evaluative projects.
  • The realisation of art and cultural life objectives about reaching out to as many people as possible as well as to new places and new arenas, and initiating collaboration across different arts subjects and forms of artistic expression.
  • Development work which aims to lead the professions into new areas of operation where workplaces are created, both for themselves and others.

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