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2 years
120 ECTS Credits
Full time

Do you want to develop further as a musician? At the master's programme in music performance you work diligently to further develop your technical skills at an advanced and professional level. You advance your skills as an instrumentalist, develop a personal expression, and gain specialized knowledge about your instrument. The program also has a theoretical component where you acquire knowledge about the field of music, and learn to relate this theoretical knowledge to practical performance of music. The knowledge and skills you learn in the course, gives you a solid foundation to engage in musical innovation and communicate about and through music.

The master’s programme has two specialisations:

What do you learn?

  • You will develop technical skills as a musician and instrumentalist at a high professional level.
  • You will acquire further understanding about the relations between music theory, music history and music performance.
  • You develop an academic and professional basis which is crucial to reflection, creativity and innovation in the field of music.
  • You will get broad knowledge on how to carry out advanced tasks and projects in the field of music.
  • The program provides a comprehensive introduction to the musicological disciplines and how to facilitate research on your own music.

Job opportunities

Upon completed course you will earn a master's degree in music performance. The program qualifies to work as a professional musician, as well as for creative and artistic work in the arts and cultural sector. It is a good starting point for a musical career. Completed master's degree may qualify to attend studies on a higher level, such as the PhD program at the University of Agder.

Student exchange

You can take part of the master's program in Music Performance, Western Classical Music abroad. It is facilitated for exchange in the 3rd semester.

More about exchange in Music Performance, Western Classical Music

All you need to know about exchange studies

Course structure

Continuing education

A completed Master’s degree in Music Performance qualifies for PhD-level work, e.g. at the Faculty of Fine Arts, UiA

What students say


Application deadline

1 December

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Questions regarding admission

Meet Mariam Kharatyan

Armenian pianist and Assistant Professor at UiA, working as an accompanist and research fellow and actively involved in various projects of the cultural life of Norway, as well as performing internationally.
"The best thing about working with my students is the time I get to work with each of them individually. My priority is to find out which musical aspects could be developed in each student.", says Kharatyan.