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1 year
Autumn 2024

Are you a professional performer looking to develop your own artistic expression in a performance setting?

The one-year program in Live Electronics is designed for performers who want to explore new possibilities in sound processing of their own instrument. Through teaching and mentoring by international leading artists and professionals, we seek to educate students that hold international standards relating both to the nature of their artistic project and the manner of which this is conveyed in a concert setting. Workshops are a central part of the program and introduce you to various aesthetic and creative possibilities.

We offer industry standard facilities for both performance and production, all through an innovative pedagogical framework. Live Electronics is relevant for both musicians trained with a main instrument as well as ‘laptop’ musicians that rely solely on electronic interfaces to make and perform their music. We also welcome composers, songwriters and producers that seek to develop and perform their artistic project in a concert setting.

What do you learn?

  • You develop your skills within music technology and performance under individual guidance
  • You learn different strategies for using music technology creatively
  • You acquire various techniques to process and treat your own main instrument
  • You develop your competence to express your own musical ideas in interaction with others
  • You become better at making aesthetic assessments related to the use of music technology
  • You gain in-depth knowledge of various techniques for improvising and composing with your main instrument through music technology
  • You learn to incorporate existing compositions into your improvisation
  • You learn about how to configure a custom setup to process your main instrument
  • You acquire knowledge about developing, planning, and carrying out concerts associated with your artist project, where the use of music technology and collaboration with other musicians are central

Job opportunities

The one-year program in Live Electronics gives you necessary skills for choosing professions with various tasks related to the performance, production, and dissemination of music.

Course structure

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Admission requirements

a) The general basis for admission to universities and university colleges in Norway is called Higher Education Entrance Qualification. You may find what is considered university entrance qualifications from your country in the 'GSU' list. This list states the basic requirements for admission to higher education in Norway. Please download the latest version of the 'GSU' list from this website

b) Successful completion of entrance examinations on your main instrument.
Overseas (non-Norwegian) applicants who are not able to attend in person for the entrance examinations can be offered digital assessments. The audition can be carried out by sending a verified audio-visual recording of a performance by the candidate (performing repertoire of their own choice), and interviews can be conducted on a digital platform.

c) 60 credits in performance-based (music) subjects. (Other relevant topics can, after special consideration, be approved as a basis for admission).

d) Entrance requirements are Higher Education Entrance Qualification for international applicants and certified language requirements in English

See information about admission

Recommended prerequisites

Good knowledge and skills are required in the main areas of performance practise, production and composition to pass the entrance audition.

Application period

The application period is from 1 November to 15 December. 

Tuition fees

The Norwegian government has introduced tuition fees for students from countries outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

Please read more about the tuition fees here.

Further studies

The 1-year program can be used in or as a supplement to other bachelor's education.


Application deadline

15 December



Places available


Language of instruction


Questions regarding admission