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1/2 year
Part time
Autumn 2020
Online programme

Organizations everywhere are still adapting to the Digital Revolution. It is an ongoing process with new developments consistently affecting the way we conduct our work. In order to meet the needs of a society that is in constant transition, organizations have to be able to manage effective organizational change.

The University of Agder offers a new online course Organizational Change and Change Management for the 2020 autumn. The course has a practical approach and is aimed at those who already have a few years of experience in the work force. This means that theory and experience are combined to enable the participants to utilize their knowledge in their work.

What do you learn?

The course examines the nature of organizational change and how this process can be managed.

Part one (1) of the course discusses what organizations are and why they are so successful in modern societies. The participants will be introduced to different perspectives on the possibility, the nature, and the ways in which organizations change.

Part two (2) explores how change should be led and implemented, from a planned change perspective: The external and internal forces for change, the implementation process, the context and scope of change, qualities and actions of successful change leaders, and different kinds of change.

Part three (3) examines change in two empirical settings. The first setting is organizational change due and in response to digital revolution. The second is change in public sector organizations.


The course is divided into five three-hour online lectures. The lecture form will be streaming, video and webinars through the online teaching platform Canvas.


Application period

Apply from 15 August.

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