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1 semester
Part time
Fall 2019

Customer Driven Marketing is a hands-on course designed for middle level managers, especially those working in small to medium commercial and public enterprises.
It is also suitable for marketing professionals aspiring towards executive positions.

The course approaches effective management through a customer focus that builds and manages sustainable brand equity in the age of social media.
Customer Driven Marketing is relevant for both consumer and business-to-business markets, for products and services, and even for technology and experiences.

The focus of the course is on three modules:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Brand Management
  • Managing Supporting Marketing Functions

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, the students should be able to:

  • Manage a business for providing customer value with consumer welfare in mind.
  • Develop sustainable brand management strategies.
  • Develop and manage customer-based brand equity
  • Organize a business that is able to meet the challenges of a technology driven marketplace.
  • Understand ethical challenges of restraining consumer insight from consumer exploitation.

Course structure

The course consists of three sessions consisting of two days each supplemented by online information (Canvas).

The teaching will consist lectures, guest speakers, cases and group work.

Mandatory assignment(s) and a one-week individual home-exam.

Language of instruction: English and Norwegian

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Admission requirements

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for the course is a completed bachelor’s degree or equivalent education consisting of at least 180 ECTS and a minimum of two years relevant work experience after the completion of the education.

Relevant work experience is herein work experience within management or work experience from other positions with independent responsibilities.


Students are recommended to have a solid background in English.

Practical information

In addition to the tuition fee you have to pay a statutory fee to the student union (Studentsamskipnaden) and costs of syllabus.

Teaching sessions Fall 2019

  • 18-19 September
  • 16-17 October
  • 13-14 November

Course lecturer: Professor Sangeeta Singh, Department of Management, School of Business and Law.

Further Education

The course is a mandatory part of the Executive MBA programme.
If completed as an individual course, it can later be accredited as part of the programme upon admission.


Application period

Application period: 1 March – 1 June 2019

If you qualify according to admission requirements, the rule of "first come, first served" applies. When the course has been filled, it is no longer possible to apply.


kr 19.000

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