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1/2 year

The programme is tailor-made for exchange students looking for a full semester (30 ECTS) of activities in the Norwegian mountains, forests, sea and coastline.

The Outdoor Education Program at the University of Agder is activity-based and gives you both practical and theoretical skills in outdoor education. After completing the programme you should be able to use the mountains, the forest and coastline as arenas for learning, development and experience. The program also aims to give students an insight into the traditions of Norwegian Outdoor activities.

During the programme you will:

  • learn how to recreate, live, and camp in mountainous areas, the forests, the sea, and coastline over multiple days
  • learn to master different environments in winter, spring, and summer conditions
  • make appropriate choices concerning clothing and equipment related to the environment and the activities
  • learn how to teach, lead, and guide in these areas and gain knowledge about planning, making risk assessments before and during an activity, navigation, and be able to administer basic first aid
  • gain basic knowledge of fishing and a selection of flora and fauna which characterize the local archipelago/skerries area
  • learn how to evaluate the areas in a cultural-historical perspective
  • gain an understanding of how nature can be used as a resource for tourism and business development
  • be introduced to back-country skiing, climbing, tour-cycling, canoeing, and sea-kayaking 

Admission requirements

Please note that to take the Outdoor Education and Nature Guiding course, you must be physically and mental fit and be able to swim. The courses are taught in English.

This course is aimed at students with a sport or outdoor education background. However, other students may apply and will be offered places depending on availability.

All students applying must hand in a letter of motivation (approx. 300 words) explaining their reasons for wishing to attend, and a short description of their previous experience and knowledge in outdoor education.


Application deadline

15 October


30 ECTS credits

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