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1/2 year
30 ECTS Credits

This course is for international exchange students. Themes and issues: Is Norway a wealthy country because of its oil? Why have Ibsen and Hamsun become world famous authors? What are the basic Norwegian values? Is Norway a country based on egalitarian values? Why do we have two official written Norwegian languages in a country with only 4.6 million people? How are minorities treated? Is Christianity on the wane in Norway? What is it like to grow up in Norwegian kindergartens and schools? What are the challenges facing the Norwegian welfare state?

These and other questions will be discussed during the NORSEC programme.

Course structure

NORSEC, is a comparative study programme. Its starting point is Norwegian society, the Norwegian school system and Norwegian culture. The students will, however, be invited to make comparisons with their home countries during the semester.

Three excursions are included in the programme: One lasting three days, one lasting two days, and one is a day trip. The excursions are subsidised, but students must be prepared to pay for food. Further information will be given when the semester starts.

TFL903 Course description

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

The NORSEC programme is offered to international exchange students, primarily for teacher education students. Before participating in school practice or school visits all students must sign a declaration of confidentiality, document a tuberculosis examination, and present a Certificate of good conduct issued by the police, or a confirmation from the home institution that the valid certificate is in their possession.

The language of instruction is English.


Application deadline

1 May

-You shouldn't go to Norway just to sit in the classroom