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1/2 year
Spring 2017

This programme is ideal for students who are interested in international and comparative pedagogics. The programme provides knowledge about the Norwegian educational system, and about Norwegian and global trends within education. Furthermore the programme will give the students analytical skills in comparative pedagogics as well as knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

What do you learn?

The programme gives the students insight into the Norwegian educational system (pre-school and other levels) and the students learn how to compare the Norwegian school system with corresponding education in other countries.

The aim is for the students to become conscious of questions related to education in an international perspective, to obtain basic knowledge of research methods and the differences and similarities between Norwegian and foreign education, and to focus on the integration and inclusion of groups with special needs.

The language of teaching is English, and good language skills are required.

Job opportunities

The course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for use in several contexts in the fields of education, international work and social development. 

Course structure

Admission requirements

Two years of general teacher education or one year of a bachelor’s degree in education or related field.

Further studies

The course may be included in either a bachelor's degree or a general teacher education programme, and may in conjunction with these programmes qualify graduates for admission to a master's programme.


Application deadline

1 December

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Questions regarding admission

Questions about this programme?

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