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2/4 years

The study programme is only open for EU/EEA applicants.

This study programme gives you a unique and competitive advantage in ICT in one of the two specialisation profiles: Information Technologies and Communication Technologies. Our knowledgeable and experienced professors provide with comprehensive and engaged trainings for you to become an expert in ICT. These trainings include, but are not limited to, lecturing, hands-on skill development, and research-oriented projects. In collaboration with our world leading scientists you can immerse yourself in Information Technology including machine learning, data science, and eHealth as well as in Communication Technology including mobile and wireless communications, computer networking, and Internet of things (IoT). We have close collaborations with regional, national, and international companies, universities, and public sectors. You are provided opportunities to do your Master’s thesis on a variety of topics that are associated with ongoing research and development activities from different universities, research institutes, companies and public sectors. With a Master’s degree from our internationally recognized programme, you gain excellent and competitive opportunities in the global job market in research, development, innovation, and leadership.

What do you learn?

What you learn in this programme is dependent on the specialization profile that you choose. If you choose Information Technologies, you will learn artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, and eHealth technologies.

If you choose Communication Technologies, you will study mobile communications, computer networking, embedded systems and internet of things (IoT).


In an increasingly globalised world, the workplace puts more and more demands on global insight and experience. UiA seeks to integrate exchange programs in all studies.

All you need to know about exchange studies

Job opportunities

After completing the study programme, candidates will be awarded Master's degree, and able to move directly into the professional field as an ICT engineer. Graduates frequently obtain leading positions in industry and business. The programme is directly relevant to the computing and communication industry, but job opportunities are not limited to such fields. The graduates from this programme may also be qualified for a career in research, and for doctoral studies in ICT, which is offered by most universities throughout the world. The Faculty of Engineering and Science offers its own PhD programme specialization in ICT as well.

Course structure

Admission requirements

The admission requirement is a completed and passed three-year bachelor’s degree in engineering within the areas Computer Science, Electronics, Renewable Energy, or Mechatronics, in line with the National Curriculum Regulations for Engineering Education in Norway. Applicants with background from renewable energy, must have passed courses in basic object-oriented programming and control engineering. Applicants with background in Mechatronics must have passed courses in basic object-oriented programming and embedded computer systems.

Furthermore, the following requirements are set, which in part go beyond the minimum requirements in the national curriculum regulations:

• At least 25 credits in relevant mathematics

• At least 5 credits in statistics

• At least 7.5 credits in physics

The weighted average grade of C or better is required.

Admission takes place in accordance with regulations on admission to studies and courses at the University of Agder.

Recommended previous knowledge

As all courses are taught in English, a good command of English is required.

Application period

  • EU/EEA applicants: From 1 February till 1 March.
  • Nordic citizens and applicants with a permanent or renewable residence permit in Norway: From 1 February till 15 April.

This programme is open for applicants from EU/EEA only

Student exchange

Full-time master's students can take the third and/or fourth semester at a partner university abroad. In order to become an exchange student, the courses/thesis work that the student is planning to undertake at the foreign institution must be approved preliminarily by the study programme manager at UiA, and a written contract must be signed with the International Education Office. The Faculty of Engineering and Science has a large number of partner universities with which student exchange can be arranged in an efficient manner.


Application deadline

1 March


120 ECTS Credits

Language of instruction


Questions regarding admission