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- We become like a family, you might say.

Earling Nikolaisen over klaveret, foto.

You develop and mature as a musician. Most of the teachers are also professional music performers, or have been, so they know what we are moving towards

Earling Nikolaisen

Bachelor in Music Performance - Western Classical Music

Earling Nikolaisen (22) from Flekkefjord is in his third year of the bachelor's degree Music Performance - Western Classical Music, with piano as his main instrument.

- I started playing the piano when I was a kid and soon decided that this was what I wanted to do for a living. I had heard a lot about UiA, about the teachers and the good student environment, so this has always been what I wanted to do.

Has the study programme met your expectations?

- Yes absolutely. I really enjoy it. The music facilities are nice, and you get to know a lot of new people. Thinking back on the three years that have passed, they have almost gone too fast, I think. Studying here at UiA is incredibly fun and you are well taken care of. Everyone has each other’s backs up here. There are no sharp elbows and people are going to push themselves forward, but we support each other and want everyone to do well.

Studying performing music is not like any other study.

- We are at university all the time. That's the risk you have to take, when your hobby turns into your study. It becomes a kind of lifestyle, because you dedicate yourself so much to what you are doing, but this is also crucial in order to make good progress. You can get a little tired, but at the same time it is so incredibly rewarding.

The program is practical, which means that a good part of the education is devoted to practicing and finding routines. In addition, the students arrange concerts and events where they are responsible for the whole process, creating something together.

- So we become like a family, you might say.

One of his most valuable experiences from this study is the way it prepares him for what is to come.

- One becomes very self conscious. You learn how to tackle things and develop and mature as a musician. I feel that this is an important factor. Most of the teachers are also professional music performers, or have been, so they know what we are moving towards.

He is also particularly pleased with his principal instrument teacher and their relationship.

- You get very close to each other and they become more than regular teachers, you can say. The relationship builds up over years and has been very rewarding.

UiA is in a league of its own

After seeing what other options exist in Norway, he has no doubt that UiA is in a class of its own. Both when it comes to the facilities and the instruments they practice.

- UiA is a fantastic place. Everything is new, new facilities and new instruments. We practice on Steinways, and it's good quality!

After completing his bachelor's degree, he wants to take a master's degree in performing music - classic with pure performing specialization.