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"Relevant to current affairs"

Nabeel Victor (photo)

The learning outcomes of the courses help you to join your future career with the knowledge to make you successful in your field.

Nabeel Victor from Pakistan

Bachelor in Global Development Studies

Please introduce yourself

My name is Nabeel Victor, and I am 34-year-old from Pakistan. I have previous education in political science and have been running a project in Pakistan focusing on education and minority rights. I am very interested in promoting education among children, youth and women in Pakistan and I believe that this passion has led me to start my education at University of Adger (UiA) in Norway. I am currently studying Bachelor's in Global Development Studies in the second semester and at present I am writing a field report after attending a digital field course that focused on Uganda, Norway and Sri Lanka.  

Why did you choose Norway? 

I admire Norway as a country due to the rule of law, freedom of expression, and the right to live your life according to your personal beliefs. I would say that coming from a country with restrictions on freedom of expression and personal beliefs, it felt right to choose Norway. In addition, I would say that Norway provides educational opportunities that really helps you excel in your life and of course I love the beautiful natural landscape, the cold in Norway because it is very hot where I come from.  

When applying for universities, what stood out to you about UiA? 

While searching for an educational programme that was relevant to my interest, I was glad to find that UiA offers bachelor's, master's and PhD programs in Development Studies. The courses were very interesting, relevant to my previous work experience and most importantly they were offered in English. Along with that, I was able to get all the information about the admission and programme faster than I expected. The staff was very helpful in all the admission process despite the fact most of them were working from home.

What were your first impressions upon arrival? 

I found Kristiansand as a very modern city. It is a combination of old and modern. It is quiet, peaceful, and full of life at the same time. For UiA, I would like to say that I am very glad to be a student here, the campus is modern with all the opportunities for the student to excel in their academic learning.    

What do you think about your course in particular? 

I find the courses offered at the bachelor’s program very interesting, they are up to date and very relevant to the current affairs. In addition the lecturers are very helpful towards students in understanding the courses in depth. The learning outcomes of the courses help you to join your future career with the knowledge to make you successful in your field.  

What do you like about Kristiansand and why? 

I like Kristiansand because it has almost everything, its equipped with modern facilities for students, library, quite places to study as well as to socialize. I would say that my favourite place in Kristiansand is the centre (sentrum) that has all the places from restaurants, clothing shops and mostly important, international shops for food. I see Kristiansand as a multicultural city, I found most of the products for cooking which I used in my homeland. Plus, the shops are cheaper than other bigger stores in Norway. They help you budget and save money. 

What was one thing you discovered about Norway that was unexpected? 

I would say that the most unexpected was the Norwegians how they behave in public, they are very reserved, and they like to have their own space. Especially on buses or standing at bus stops, you would not find them talking to you. They are either occupied using their telephones or listening to music and they like to stand a meter or two away. Which I find very positive on a lighter note because it was important during the COVID-19 restrictions. But I must say that it a cultural behaviour and most of the Norwegians are very humble, polite, and friendly. 

What would like to share about UiA/the study programme to your home country? 

I would like to share that UiA has good educational opportunities for international students. The programmes are tuition free, and the language of instruction is English. The University has accommodation facilities and take cares of students while they are studying away from their families abroad. UiA has many extra co-curricular activities for international students that helps you to feel included. My study programs of development studies is very relevant to the current affairs. If you would like to work in international organisations, government sector or either start your own projects, these courses at the bachelor's or master’s level will help you in your future professional endeavours.   

Do you think UiA has given you any unique opportunities? 

Yes, I believe that UiA offering the programmes on development studies have indeed helped me to acquire the knowledge to apply in my professional career. As I am already running an educational project in Pakistan, while studying at the university.