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– Studies are interesting and modern, with good facilities.

I was excited to come to University of Agder because it seemed very modern with a high level of students and employees.

Emilia Lindblom

From Finland

Tell us about you, and from which University you are from.

I come from Finland, where I attend Novia University of Applied Sciences in the town of Jakobstad. Here in Norway, I attend third year of Bachelor of Popular Music, but in Finland it would be my fourth year. I play electric bass as a main instrument. I have played bass for about 9 years, and choosing to study music felt natural since both of my parents are musicians.

Our campus in Jakobstad is called Campus Allegro, where we've got all the arts and cultural education in the same place so you can easily establish good connections with other students. The campus is very modern and also hosts concerts and other events in the Schauman Concert Hall. 

Why did you choose Norway?

Norway looked like a very beautiful country, and I heard that the people are very nice. I had never been here before and became curious to see it myself. I was excited to come to University of Agder because it seemed very modern with a high level of students and employees.

How was your arrival? What was your first impression of the University?

When I first came to the University of Agder, I thought the studies were interesting and modern, with good facilities. It was great to meet new people and make connections. The teachers are nice and have so much knowledge. 

What do you think about the quality of the University and its courses?

I really like the course offerings. My favorite is music technology, but I also love ensemble, where we can work in studio. It's a lot of fun and I learn so much from it.

What do you like most in Kristiansand and why?

Kristiansand is bigger than my hometown in Finland, but still not too much of a difference. I like the fact that you have nature so close, same as in my hometown. Kristiansand centrum feels cozy and small, but you still have a variety of cultural activities. Downtown is very beautiful, and I love walking around there.

Have you planned any trips during your stay?

I love hiking, and I’ve already been to Trolltunga. I would really like to go on more hikes to see more of the beautiful nature, and I’m planning a trip to Oslo as well.