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"I chose UiA because in some ways it is similar to my home university"

Many studies abroad were cancelled this semester, but UiA found solutions and gave us the opportunity to come here.

Deik Schnarre

from Germany

Please introduce yourself 

My name is Deik, I am 22 years old, and I study Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund, in Germany. I like riding my bike and doing other outdoor sports such as running and hiking.

Why did you choose Norway?

I chose Norway because I wanted to be close to the nature and the sea. I also wanted to be in a city that soon would be familiar to me. I chose Kristiansand more specifically because of the university. It is similar in some ways to my home university in the way that it is structured. I also think that UiA offers some interesting and varied politics courses.

When looking at universities, what stood out to you about the University of Agder?

When I asked my home university about exchanges in Norway, they told me about UiA. After that, I looked into the webpage on my own, and did some research on it. I checked out the UiA LinkedIn page, and made some contacts there, like some former exchange students from Germany and India. They gave me a personal first overview of the university and they influenced my decision. 

What were your first impressions upon arrival?

I liked it! Elisabeth from the International Education Office was waiting for us at the airport and welcomed us. After that, we had to stay in a quarantine hotel for ten days. During the ten days, we had an Orientation programme and got a nice overview before starting our semester abroad. I liked the funny presentation about Norway that was hosted by ESN, the Faculty introduction events, and the Buddy events.

What do you think about your courses?

Most of my lectures are online, but I have one that is physical. The lecturers often use videos and recommend us to read interesting articles. I also like the case study that I am doing for my International Business class. For the case study, we chose a real company, and we then had to simulate that we went abroad with this company. This is different to my home university. There I usually have only examinations. At UiA, we get a better overview of the material since we are in constant assessment and discussion.

What do you like about Kristiansand and why?

The mix is really nice – there is a city where we can go shopping and spend our free time, and then there are a lot of nice hiking areas really nearby. My favourite area is Ravnedalen, I try to go once a week! It is also a bike-friendly city, so I bike everywhere (if there is no snow!).  

What was one thing you discovered about Norway that was unexpected?

I was aware about Norway’s culture as I had done my research before, so I knew what to expect. But I was surprised by how small the local airport was! 

I was also happy to see on my own that Norwegian people were polite, open-minded and fluent in English!

What would you like to share about UiA to your home country? 

Go on exchange! Go to another country to experience what it is like and to widen your horizons! Go to Norway and explore the nature and the culture. Go to Kristiansand and enjoy the support and knowledge provided by UiA.

Do you think UiA has given you any unique opportunities? 

I am grateful to be able to spend my last semester of my bachelors’ degree in Norway, a country that is doing better corona-wise compared to Germany. Many studies abroad were cancelled this semester, but UiA found solutions and gave us the opportunity to come here.

UiA will help me to decide about my professional future, after I finish my exchange period by giving me an overview of studies’ structures at other universities.