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"Studying in Norway was just right for me"

Franziska Maria Vogler (photo)

As a student at Multimedia and Educational Technology I am given a lot of opportunities and more independence. The way of working is more student centred, and I really like this way of learning.

Franziska Maria Vogler

Master in Multimedia and Educational Technology

Why did you choose to study Multimedia and Educational Technology at the University of Agder?

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Austria. My university is a partner university with UiA, so I chose to go on an exchange semester here. I read about Grimstad before I came, and as I am not really a fan of huge cities, I thought Grimstad would suit me fine. And it did! Grimstad is actually as idyllic as it is in the pictures, and it is the perfect spot in the middle of the larger cities Kristiansand and Arendal.

I heard about the Master’s programme in Multimedia and Educational Technology when I was here on exchange, and it sounded really interesting, so I decided to apply.

What is it like to be a student at UiA?

I really like the relaxed relationship between students and professors/teachers at the university. Everyone knows everyone’s name. You can write the professors whenever and ask for help. It makes things a lot easier. As student at UiA you also have the possibility to participate in projects with companies. You can get a lot of good connections which might help you for your later working life. It is also really motivating when you have the chance to work on real projects.   

I know from friends doing their master's in Germany and Austria that they have a lot more lectures than I have at UiA. As a master student at UiA you are expected to do more self-study which I appreciate because it gives you a lot of independence. We are doing an online course for example. It is definitely a positive thing that we are freer to manage our own time as students. I would say it is really learner or student centred.

I also like that the university have different sports teams that the students can join. That is good for socialising. I recommend that to any student that comes here. Join a sports team!

What is the master’s programme in Multimedia and Educational Technology like?

We are a really small class with just six students, so everyone is quite close. We talk, discuss and work together on group projects. In most of the courses you are free to decide if you want to work individually or in a team. During lectures, it is easy to ask questions, so you do not fall behind if there is something you do not understand. I really like this way of learning.

The primary focus of the master programme is on education. Concentrating on how to teach and how to put the content you have developed into a multimedia environment. I had no background knowledge on education or teaching, so that is something I have learned a lot about. I have also learned a lot about future technology, thinking about what will come in five to ten years. There is a large focus on the future and creating something new.

Being a master’s programme, Multimedia and Educational Technology is a good mix of theoretical and practical work. When it comes to assignments the teachers give you a lot of freedom in my opinion. You can choose a topic and also often the way you want to develop it. In general, I think we are given a lot of opportunities, and I really like that.

I am really happy about my decision to study in Norway. It is just right for me.

Advice for other students

  • Do not go abroad completely unprepared regarding language. I did a language course before I went to Norway. It is good to have a basic vocabulary so that you can understand a bit of the language.
  • Make sure that you have the money to start here. The education is free except for the semester fee, which is really good. But, of course, you need the money for food and everything else.
  • Ask specifically for the deadlines for submitting your diplomas etc. for your application. Be aware that the semesters in Norway may be different from other countries. 
  • Be open-minded.