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"My programme is very interesting and insightful"

The environment in Kristiansand is very peaceful and everyone I met so far is willing to help.

Netsai Marova from Zimbabwe

Master in International Business

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Netsai Marova, I am 26 years old, a Master student in International Business and currently 2021/2022 student representative in School of Business and Law. I am very passionate youth, democracy and human rights campaigner from Zimbabwe.

Why did you choose Norway?

I was granted a scholarship by the Norwegian government under the students at risk program to advance my studies. 

When looking at universities, what stood out about UiA?

The fact that the University accepted international students and the study opportunities within my field - business and law.

What were your first impressions upon arrival?

Experiencing freedom was the most exceptional feeling to me, as I have been under serious persecution and victimisation by the Zimbabwean state security agents.

Norway is a very special experience for me. It is my first time being away from home, and experiencing the Europe is something I have always looked forward to, especially since 2019 when I was awarded the scholarship.

The weather is very different from home. Very cold and rainy most of the times. I hear a lot about the snow and I am looking foward to experiencing it!

What do you think about your course in particular?

My programme is very interesting and insightful. I am exposed to experienced professors and lecturers who use real life case experiences in our study lessons. It makes me understand more about the real world and business environment, and not only the theoretical aspect. The study material is recent and modern with all past and current business trends, from textbooks, scientific journals etc.

What do you like about Kristiansand and why?

The environment in Kristiansand is very peaceful and everyone I met so far is willing to help. Which makes me feel more comfortable and safe staying around. The outside view from my SiA housing and the beach areas views are all soothing and very therapeutic for me.

What was one thing you discovered about Norway that was unexpected?

Where I come from people interact more often, but here people are individualistic and need more space to an extent that even in a bus people don't sit next to each other that often.

What would you like to share about UiA to your home country?

The university systems are automated and reduce human interaction. Everything is fast, easily accessible and efficient. Unlike in my home country where I have stand in line to access library services. Universities in my home country need to develop to match the new world standards.

Do you think UiA has given you any unique opportunities?

Yes definitely. UiA has given a chance for self growth and new challenges. These challenges come with knew knowledge that I will take back to my home country and Africa as a whole. UiA is even helping me to build on my social capital and this enhances and strengthen my network as a business student.