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"My course is excellent and exciting"

I like the fact that there are no stupid questions and wrong answers in lectures and seminars. Many professors care about your personal opinion.

Evgeniia Kadyrova from Russia

Bachelor in English

Please introduce yourself 

My name is Evgeniia Kadyrova; I am 21 years old. I was born in the largest city above the Arctic Circle, Murmansk, in the northern part of Russia After school, I took a gap year, during which I gained experience working in an insurance company as an office manager. In 2018, I enrolled at the University of St. Petersburg in the field of Zooengineering and Biotechnology and studied for two years there. In 2020, I became a student at UiA at the Bachelor in English.

Why did you choose Norway?

Several factors influenced my choice of Norway. The first factor was that I am from Murmansk, which is approximately 200 km from the Norwegian town of Kirkenes. Norway has been a part of my life because of the proximity. The next factor was that education in Norway is free, which is a significant advantage compared to other countries in Europe, where education fees are very high. And of course, the fact that in Norway it is possible to study in English.

When looking at universities, what stood out to you about the University of Agder?

Firstly, UiA has many native English speaker professors, which is an advantage compared to other universities. I think it is also rare to find an English programme with a high teaching level like at UiA. Secondly, it is one of the newest and more modern universities in Norway. I can see that UiA is really trying to develop new ways to make life more exciting and comfortable for students. Thirdly, it has a wide range of programmes not only at a Master's level, but also Bachelor's degrees.

What were your first impressions upon arrival?

It was great to have a buddy group; I appreciate that the university took care of it because it helped me not feel lonely and lost in the first days. I also attended the Orientation Day for international students, where I got a lot of useful information, which also helped me get more familiar with UiA.

What do you think about your courses?

I think my course is excellent and exciting. As I mentioned earlier in my program, most professors are native English speakers, which makes the learning process more useful and exciting. I also like my course structure because it's not overloaded with many subjects, which helps me concentrate more and understand better.

What do you like about Kristiansand and why?

It is a beautiful city with a lot of nature and lakes. It is relatively small by the standards of Russia, but for Norway, it is quite large. I like that Kristiansand is very cozy and quiet, especially in the city center with cute little stores. Also, in Kristiansand, there are a lot of places with stunning scenery, such as Odderøya.

What was one thing you discovered about Norway that was unexpected?

As I mentioned before, because of my city's proximity to Norway, I have visited that country many times and even lived in it for a few weeks, so I got to know Norway's culture and people. I knew what to expect when I moved here.

What would you like to share about the study programme to your home country? 

The most remarkable thing is that universities in my country have more subjects to study, which affects the quality of learning. I can also highlight the professors' approach to students; I like the fact that there are no stupid questions and wrong answers in lectures and seminars. Many professors care about your personal opinion. And, of course, the fact that it's more of a self-study process in which you are responsible for your knowledge.

Do you think UiA has given you any unique opportunities? 

UiA provides me with the opportunity to live in another country and learn Norwegian for free. Besides, I have the opportunity to go on an exchange to another country for one or two semesters, hence the opportunity to make connections in different countries.