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"I find UiA really interesting because it offers great services and facilities, and has a great teaching staff"

"I think this programme gives a broad viewpoint regarding development and the obstacles around the world."

Amir Kolivand from Iran

Master in Global Management and Planning

Please introduce yourself 

My name is Amir Kolivand, I am 26 years-old and I am from Iran. I hold a bachelor in the field of accounting-auditing. After graduation I decided to pursue a Master's degree in my favorite field and to study abroad. I chose Norway because it seemed to meet all my requirements when choosing a country to study abroad.

Why did you choose Norway?

Before choosing my destination, I needed to get information about the country. When I searched and read about different countries, I found Norway interesting because of its great english-taught programmes in various fields, and also because of its remarkable university services and well-equipped facilities. Additionally, Norway has a high quality of living and people here are really nice and helpful.  

When looking at universities, what stood out to you about the University of Agder?

I chose the University of Agder because I finally found my favorite programme. I went through the website and got information about the university. I find UiA really interesting because it offers great services and facilities, has a great teaching staff, and facilitates practical experiences that are necessary for our future career. I also like its location, which is near beautiful nature, and its positive atmosphere.

What were your first impressions upon arrival?

I was impressed by the weather. Norway is usually known as a cold country but when I arrived here in August the weather was surprisingly warmer than I expected. It was nice! I also was impressed by the wonderful nature here.

What do you think about your courses?

I think this programme gives a broad viewpoint regarding development and the obstacles around the world. It covers ecological, social, political and economic facilitators of development. Cooperation (which is at the core of this programme) is also really useful to get students from different background and cultures together.

What do you like about Kristiansand and why?

First thing that comes to mind is its amazing nature. Kristiansand is surrounded by sea, forest and hills, and has nice weather, which makes it a good place for living. Although it is not a big city it covers all the needs for living. People here are really friendly and helpful.

What was one thing you discovered about Norway that was unexpected?

The cost of living here! Although I had read about living costs in Norway, it was actually quite surprising at first. But it is something everyone can manage after living here for a while.

What would you like to share about the study programme to your home country?

I think this is one of the most interesting programmes for international students like me from Iran as developing country and everyone who interested in development all around the world. It gives a wide perspective to students about development issues.

Do you think UiA has given you any unique opportunities?

The University of Agder offers English-taught programs in various fields that international and exchange student can apply for. In my programme there are scholarships for Master’s students taking fieldwork in partner universities in the global south. After finishing the programme I will have various job opportunities and the possibility to apply to relevant PhD programmes.