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"A great way to understand and learn about the music industry"

Maria Conchita Lukban (photo)

The Music Business and Management programme has given me a wider perspective on how the music industries work from a local to a global scale.

Maria Conchita Lukban from the Philippines

Master in Music Business and Management

Where are you from?
The Philippines

Study program/year?
Master’s Music Business and Management – First Year

Why did you choose to study Music Business and Management at UiA?

I have always been interested in Music Business growing up. Coming from a music performance and teaching background, I felt that understanding the business aspect was something that I lacked and needed help in. I found UiA while searching for schools and since I listened to some Norwegian artists before coming here, I thought that it would be a great idea to study here. When I saw the campus and the city on the website and videos online, it added more to my want to study in the university.

What would you say are the key take aways for you as a Music Business and Management student so far?

The Music Business and Management programme has given me a wider perspective on how the music industries work from a local to a global scale. It has also given me the opportunity to meet esteemed persons who have so much experience and have shared their insights with us. The music industries is definitely something more complex than one may think it would be at a quick glance, but the program is a great way to understand and learn about it.

How would you describe the study environment?

Being able to study Music Business and Management in UiA gave me the chance to be part of conversations and discussions I have only imagined before. We have professors who have been in the industries and have a lot of insights and experiences to impart with us. As mentioned earlier, there have also been opportunities to meet and learn from esteemed individuals who have worked or are still working in the music industries, be it in publishing, recording, or live. They are also very supportive and helpful to us, students.

What would you like to do after your studies / What’s your dream job?

Before taking the program, I have always wanted to work for a record label or be part of the live music. I still have the same dream and studying the program makes the vision clearer. It would be amazing to end up owning my own record label or become a promoter. The program also broadened my view of other opportunities where I could work like maybe be part of licensing, or publishing, or even in the cultural and governance sector as with understanding intellectual property and copyright. Or maybe work on becoming an artist, as I would have hoped for when I was younger. Who knows? But I definitely would just like to see myself immersed in music and the business to help sustain and grow the industry.

Do you have any advice that you would like to share with future students at UiA?

As a student, do not be afraid to ask questions when you are curious about something and to share your insights. Keep an open mind and keep sharing, because it creates a fruitful environment where everyone can grow and learn. The people you meet along the way are also very supportive so do not forget to acknowledge them and say your thank yous!

Would you recommend studying Music Business & Management at UiA to others?

I would encourage those who are looking to learn more about the music industries to study the program, Music Business and Management at UiA. It’s a good opportunity to meet and learn from those who have a lot of experience. It would feel quite different from being on the field, but it is a good way to gain understanding and knowledge that can be applied to wherever you end up.